Mama's Test Kitchen: Panko-Crusted Baked Chicken

I actually have another method of preparing this chicken dish by dipping the chicken in flour, egg, Panko bread crumb, and then pan-fry (in lots of oil) on the stovetop. The kids like it but it’s messy to make and it makes the kitchen smell greasy afterwards. So when I came across this recipe of using Miracle Whip and the oven, I decided to give it a try. Result? I like it that there were less dishes to wash, baked (so healthier despite of the miracle whip?), and the kids like it just the same if not more. And I could just pop it in the oven and walk away instead of constantly hovering over the stove when I pan-fry. The Miracle Whip kept the chicken moist, but I loved the crunchiness that Panko gave. It was flavorful, we all liked it!

What's your favorite way of cooking chicken breast?
A review on Panko-Crusted Baked Chicken:
Result: 3.5 out of 4 stars
Will I make it again: Yup!
Chef's Notes: I only followed this recipe slightly because I didn’t have mustard and the kids can’t eat spicy. So to flavor the Miracle Whip, I just added whatever was in my pantry. I think you can definitely substitute the ingredients called for in the recipe, as long as you keep the two main ones – Miracle Whip and Panko. Oh, I also didn’t use cheese either. Also, one huge chicken breast, sliced horizontally into 3 pieces, and pounded thin with a mallet was enough to feed my family.


  1. This sounds delicious! I love panko... so much crunchier than regular bread crumbs. Cute photo with that little hand reaching for the chicken!

  2. I like to use chicken in stir fry or bake them for chicken strips.

  3. I dunno, I didn't notice much of any difference between this and the other crusted chicken recipe. Maybe my taste-buds are just getting old and fat... Still, it was yummy!


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