2013 - A Review

2013 was a fantastic year for our little family. We traveled well, played much, crafted often. It was the year that I began working part time, which helped me achieve a good work/life balance. Sure I closed out the year by putting about a thousand dollar worth of damage on our new minivan, but overall, 2013 was a year to remember.

January brought the biggest change for Anna – starting school.
February was quiet, as it tends to be. We welcomed the Year of the Snake.
Anna turned 3 in March.  We dyed some eggs and had an Easter Egg hunt at home.
In April, I was between projects at work so I was home the entire month. We went to see the (non) cherry blossoms in DC. Anna finally stopped crying at the thought of going to school. I discovered Instagram.
In May, we had the best of times…and possibly the worst of times as well...but the whole family made it to see my brother get married in Maui. After we came home, I started on a new project at work.
In June, we went strawberry-picking for the first time and after school let out for the summer, we packed it up and made a long drive to Myrtle Beach for a short getaway.
July and August were the best months of the year. Because of my new part-time schedule, I spent those long summer days exploring the neighborhood with the kids. We went everywhere - parksnature centers, libraries, gardens! We also played with water a lot. I loved every minute of it. It was the best summer ever.
Anna went back to school in September. We also took a weekend trip to Williamsburg and Kings Dominion. I wrote about my morning and evening schedules as a working mom. Oh, we went apple picking, too!
We had absolutely THE BEST OF TIMES in Disney in October. Then Halloween happened.
In November, we met AndrewWill turned 2 and we had an umi-riffic celebration. I also wrote about how we have handled childcare since the kids were born. Thanksgiving came and went and I still love this picture of my little Indian and Pilgrim.
We had a very full December because I challenged myself to do something Christmas-y for all 24 days leading up to Christmas. Anna also asked to see Santa, so we didtwice. We woke up to Christmas at home and found that Santa came to our house. Finally, we rung in the new year at home.


  1. Love this picture review...looks like a great year!~Zi

  2. You had a marvelous year - one that many would envy!

  3. What a fun recap! You should make it into a 2014 photo calendar. That cake looks amazing!

  4. What a great year! How much kids grow in a year, huh? Oh yea, that wonderful trip to Maui! I think that's when I started reading your blog.

  5. My god that year went by FAST. Some days you simply want to be over and sometimes you never want it to end, but either way, time marches on and there's nothing we can do...


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