The Christmas Countdown (Days 6-10)

The weather outside is frightful so we are staying curled up at home. Here is what we have been up to as we countdown to Christmas...

12.6.13 : snowman fridge (or door) : This was a super quick project! You may notice that there is a random blue circle above the scarf...Anna put it there. It's snow.
12.7.13 : We went to the mall to look at holiday decorations and to catch a glimpse of Santa, but ended up getting the kids' an early Christmas present instead -- a much needed warm coat for the winter.
12.8.13 : pom pom ornaments : Another easy craft. Just click on the link, print the template, and decorate with pom poms!
Also on that day, we had out first snowfall of the season. Earlier this year when we put Will out in the snow, he didn't want to move an inch. Now? He slips and slides and loves the fluffy white stuff. Oh, we also watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas that night. The 1966 version. And read the book.
12.9.13 : footprint snowman : This was a neat one to do and a great keepsake for me. I stamped Anna and Will's foot twice on two different blue cardstock. I knew that Will was too young to participate so I just did one on my own. I actually finished decorating my snowmen (er...feet?) first while the kids played. Then once I was done, I called Anna over to do hers. I just told her to mimic what I did and she did a great job! I did some cutting for her, but she did everything else on her own.
We hung Anna's up, but I put mine away for now.  I am thinking of framing it!

12.10.13 : paper strip Christmas tree : Today, I really wanted Will to be involved so I made it easy for him. I put glue on the back of the strips and just let him placed them however he wanted. I thought his tree was whimsical and fun. Anna's looked more like a proper tree and she insisted on the heart instead of the star.
Also happening today: It's yet another snow day and because the husband is gone on travel, I recruited these two to shovel the snow.
What have you all been up to?


  1. You have been making lots of fun crafts with the kids, I love reading about them. Also got to love getting some help with shoveling. ~Zi

  2. Great craft ideas! I love the snowman door. Your house will be all decked out with all these cute decor come Christmas. :) My kids love to "help" shovel too. Good job Anna & Will! - Eva

  3. Your crafting ideas are always wonderful!!! The footprint snow men are really cute!

  4. LOL you got them to shovel. How cute! I loooooooooooooove all of your craft ideas. Next year, I'm making a bucket list of crafts and stealing all of these!

  5. I swear, if these kids keep growing, we'll be buying new coats every friggin month. It seems there should be some clothes rental place for parents.

    Really digging these little craft projects, the house is full of them. Good thing we still have many more rooms to fill up. But what are going to do once Xmas is over?


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