The Christmas Countdown (Days 11-15)

So, I think I am starting to lose momentum on all these daily crafting, as you can plainly see in this set of projects. But hey I am just surprised that I’ve lasted this long. :) 8 days till Christmas!

12.11.13 : The Grinch : Anna has watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas twice this season (and said that it is her favorite!) so I found a template for her to put together her own Grinch. I did the cutting, but she glued and placed everything on her own. Inside the mouth, we finished this sentence, “I make the Grinch grin by….” She said, “I make the Grinch grin by giving him presents!” Quite the opposite of what Christmas is all about, according to the movie...
Her favorite is Grinch
12.12.13 : gingerbread man : I found a gingerbread man template online, traced it onto a brown cardstock, and cut. Then I just laid out the supplies for Anna to decorate. After we were done, I punched a hole, strung a yarn through, and hung on the tree! By the way, foam stickers are so versatile in art projects. And googly eyes make any project cute.
12.13.13 : thumbprint cookies : Absolutely delectable. Have you tried it?
12.14.13 : We saw Santa at the Mill!
12.15.13 : handprint reindeer : Unfortunately just one by his lonesome because apparently Will has paint-phobia.
Handprint roudolph


  1. You are still way ahead of me! I love how the reindeer turned out. Keep up the good work almost there! ~Zi

  2. :) I just dropped by for the smile your photos give me. :)


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