Santa Claus

On Saturday, we took the kids to see Santa!

It was Anna’s very first close encounter with Santa and she did great. I think it helped that she actually ASKED to go...because I don’t think we would have taken her otherwise. She was a little shy, but it wasn’t long before they were in a deep conversation. She asked for a red train, so now pressure is on me to deliver!

(On a side note, what do you tell your kids about Santa? We tell Anna that Santa brings toys for kids who are good….and that’s it. We don’t make an emphasis on whether Santa is real or make-believe fun. We don’t use Santa as a bribe or threat. It’s up to her on what she wants to believe. Although I think at 3-¾ years old, she will believe in Santa unless we break it to her. That’s fine by me. It’s all harmless fun and part of the magic, right?)

Anyway, we actually saw Santa at an old restored mill, which was an experience all on its own. It was dark, lit up only by a few light bulbs, no heat. In the room where Santa was in, the only source of light was a fire and a candle, which made picture taking very difficult, hence the grainy photos.
After Santa, we went downstairs.

Will, who stayed away from Santa, roasted marshmallow on an open fire and tried some too. Anna stayed away this time.
santa in the mill
It was cold and icy on Saturday. Sleeting! Frozen raining! But I think the staff was very appreciative of those who came despite of the bad weather. There was holiday cheer all around.
And the kids forgot about the cold after we got them some old-fashioned suckers at the General Store.


  1. What a cute spot to see Santa! A great experience.

    We don't stress Santa too much, but at the same time I feel like we do talk about him quite a bit since the whole idea is a little weird even for a 3.5 year old. And Ephram is already questioning it so much! Like how there are multiple Santas - bc not all the Santas on tv/movies or at the stores look the same. I can see how it is confusing. I just did not expect him to question it so early!

  2. Sounds like a lot more fun than a visit to a "Mall Santa"!!!

  3. This place looks so cozy and festive. I love the brick!
    I agree about Santa. We keep things simple with the kids in our family. It's not obsessed about but they sure do know that kids who are good get more. =)

  4. How fun! We tell our girls that Santa brings gifts or black coal depending on behavior. They still believe, but definitely starting to ask questions! I love the photo of your daughter with the candy stick... she looks so happy!

  5. That looks like such a fun place to bring the kids! We don't focus on Santa too much, I leave it to see what the kids want to "believe". I just want them to know we celebrate because Jesus was born and it's not just all about the gifts and Santa, etc. H is becoming more curious and asking all sorts of questions. Each time she sees a Santa, she asks "mommy is he the REAL santa?" It also freaks her out the idea of him coming in the middle of the night, she told me she doesn't want him to come into her room :P While N is not as curious and hasn't really asked much about Santa. :) - Eva

  6. Looks like a fun time despite the cold. We told our kids the history behind santa, but tell them their gifts are from us and God. And they know that the santas they see at the mall are just a man in costume. They also know the reason for Christmas is to celebrate Jesus' birthday. ~Zi

  7. I love all the places you take the kids too! So much fun for them :-)

    We concentrate on Jesus- and since the preschooler's birthday is the Feast Day of Saint Nick, she knows more about him than the commercialized version. This is a bit hard since my oldest KNOWS about Santa but she's at that age where that old magic is dying away.

    Now, my quandary is what to load up in stockings for a toddler boy and a

  8. What a cute waterwark! We don't tell J anything about Santa. He learns plenty at preschool. He says that Santa brings him presents and I correct him. MOMMY and DADDY bring you presents.

    1. Santa brought Anna and Will one present each. The rest were from us and relatives.


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