"Santa came to our house and ate our cookies."

I hope your Christmas was merry and bright. This year, we started a new tradition of baking cookies and leaving them out for Santa on Christmas Eve. On Christmas morning, Anna was delighted to discover that Santa came to our house + ate the cookies + left presents. It was so fun for me to see the pure joy splashed across her face. Will, while hasn't completely figured out what Christmas is all about yet, relished in the chaos and new toys.

Instead of diving into all the presents at once, our present-opening actually got off to a slow start. Once the kids saw what Santa brought them (presents from Santa were unwrapped so they saw that first), they couldn’t concentrate on anything else. Anna received her red train (thanks mom) and Will got a new car (thanks uncle andy).
Of all the presents she received – the thing she loved the most was the red train. Which makes sense, since she had specifically asked Santa for it.

Eventually, the kids re-grouped and ripped through all the gifts under the kids' tree, which were all from my parents. Books, stickers, art supplies galore, and Hungry Hungry Hippo.
After breakfast, we moseyed over to the living room to open more presents. All the presents under our Charlie Brown-ish tree were from us. I stuck to my list here, but hubs' bought a few more for the kids on his own.
Got a picture of everyone looking, except the dog.

That night my parents, having just drove from Philly, joined us for a hot pot dinner.
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!
Christmas continued into this past Saturday when we hosted Luke's side of the family. We provided the location and some stir-fry noodles + fried rice and everyone brought a dish or two or three to share - no stress at all. And we got to keep all the leftovers! And we didn't have to drive anywhere! We will volunteer to play hosts again.

Now that Anna and Will are older, they had a blast playing with the cousins. I enjoyed watching them playing a game of school, haha. Too cute.
After dinner and dessert, the beautiful chaos of gift-opening began. It was madness.  I lost track of who got who what.
Will got a lot of dinosaur memorabilia - shirts, stickers, plush. Everything dinosaur for the little guy.
Roaring at his grandparents.

Anna received enough play-dough to last the rest of her childhood, tons of stickers, Candy Land. She was so excited about every last thing she received, big or small. It was very sweet.
So this was our Christmas celebration in a nutshell. I am happy to say that I've put most of the toys away and will introduce them slowly in the coming months. I read that somewhere and think it is such a smart thing to do. 


  1. It is heart warming to see such happy little children! :)

  2. So the big day came and went. While Xmas had lost its luster over the years, these kids brought the shine back


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