Mama's Test Kitchen: Thumbprint Cookies

Thumbprint jam cookies
I decided to take a break from all the crafting and got in the kitchen to bake one of my favorite cookies. These thumbprint cookies were easy to make - only had a handful of ingredients - and tasted delicious warm out of the oven. Anna and Will helped, but I use the term "help" loosely with kids in the kitchen. Because really, I could have made these cookies faster and kept the place tidier WITHOUT their help, but Anna did seem to like dumping the ingredients into the mixer + making little dents into the dough with her thumb. It was worth the extra trouble...and now I can say that I baked with the kids!

The recipe makes 22 tiny cookies so I would double the recipe because you can always freeze the dough, which was what I did.

Have you been baking lately?  'Tis the Season!
A review on Thumb Print Cookies:
Result: 4 out of 4 stars.
Will I make it again: Absolutely.
Chef's Notes: At first I used just the egg yolk, per the recipe, but my dough just wasn't sticking together. It was more like crumbs. So I added the egg white and it formed a perfectly round dough. Also, I made a rookie mistake of putting too much strawberry spread on the cookies. They still tasted good, but not pretty to look at. I also just want to say that these cookies are buttery, like shortbread, and can be eaten without any spreads at all.


  1. So yeah, these odd looking cookies overflowing with strawberry jelly (that the kids asked to be scraped off) were crazy good. I found myself getting noticeably upset when we had eaten them all. Why in the world did she make so few?? Why is life so unfair? Why Santa, why?

  2. Mmm, these look great and seems easy enough to make!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. Laffs at Father Time. Will Santa get any of these cookies? Hmm?

  4. Those look soooo good! We have a snow day today so it's a good day to start baking. I have to add this to my list of cookies to make.
    Thanks for sharing! - Eva

  5. These cookies are fabulous! The cookie itself is light and airy, and the confectioners' sugar makes the cookies even more elegant!


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