Christmas TREES!

December is here...which means that the countdown to Christmas is officially on. This year, we decided to put up two Christmas trees to make the season even brighter. The Charlie Brown-ish one sits in the living room and our old 4 1/2-foot tree from our condo-living days is now the kids' tree to decorate. I must say that it's looking quite festive at our little home sweet home. :)
This is Anna's 2013 ornament she bought with her vacation money from Disney World. See her ornaments from the past: 2010, 2011, and 2012. (ahemwillisstillplayingcatchupahem)
IMG_1027 is the kids' tree, in the family room, featuring homemade ornaments that we will be busy making this month. We already made several over the Thanksgiving break.
Popsicle stick snowman.
Popsicle stick Christmas tree.
Finally, the Advent calendar.

I had wanted to make my own, but when I saw this one at the Target dollar bin (it was $3, though), I knew that I couldn't make it any better or cheaper. I originally was going to put a little piece of paper with an activity written on it in each of the pockets, but I later came to my senses. I mean, I know there is going to be a day when I am really tired from work and I don't want to do that bearded Santa craft and just want to veg out and watch A Charlie Brown Christmas instead. So, I am keeping it flexible. I do have activities in mind and I hope we will get a chance to do something Christmas-y each day, but I am not holding myself accountable by putting them in writing. :)
Cheers to a holly jolly December!


  1. Smart woman on thinking ahead to those "I don't want to do a thing" moments. And I haven't put up the Christmas tree at my place since I left it up til May one year, but now that A. and I will be spending the holiday in our new home this month, I'll have to dust off the old tree and bust out the handmade clay ornaments I made around the time we first met :)

  2. I love the snowman ornament! You are smart to keep the advent calendar flexible. I'm sure I will have those days when I'm not up for the "craft of the day" haha - Eva

  3. Totally enjoying the 2 trees that you guys have, especially the kids one! I Currently retired our breakable ornaments and replaced them with felt ones that I made a couple years ago, so I don't have to worry about the kids pulling things down. Great advent calender find too! ~Zi

  4. Looking festive over there! Love the advent calendar from the dollar bin, holla! Hope you get to do some of the holiday things you have in mind!!! We might be getting our tree this weekend.

  5. I'm not sure or how, but that crappy tree has got to go. Maybe after the holidays when they go on sale. Then again, that's exactly how we ended up with this crappy thing. At least now I know what to look out for besides a low price.


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