Christmas Presents for the Kiddos, the 2013 Edition.

What are you getting the kiddos in your life this holiday season? For Anna and Will, I am once again following the “want, need, wear, read” gift giving philosophy.

Anna (3 ¾ years old)
Want : Perler beads : She specifically requested this herself!
Wear : a warm puffy coat, pajamas
Need : stocking stuffer stuff like glue sticks, crayons, etc.
Read : A Charlie Brown Christmas recordable storybook. This is a combined present with Will. We got it cheap at an after-Christmas sale last year.

Will (25 months old)
Want: this monster bowling set
Wear : a warm puffy coat, pajamas
Need : a bag of M&Ms - a definite NEED for him, he loves that stuff.
Read : same as Anna

I am still in the middle of finalizing wish lists for the grandparents, but so far I've suggested art supplies (Do A Dot markers, oil pastel, watercolor), STICKERS!, anything dinosour. It's hard to come up with things because I feel that my kids have everything and probably don't need much to begin with. BUT, it's Christmas so I am going to rack my brains some more and take advantage of their gift-giving spirits!

Do you have any suggestions for me?


  1. The two are so aquatic minded - maybe some beach wear or beach toys?


  2. Your the second person who's mentioned the "want, need, wear, read" philosophy for kids' wishlists! I have general lists, so no solid recs. My friend Nilsa at has a great list for her 3yr old though! Check it out. The post is called "Gifts".

  3. I like your gift giving motto, might have to apply it nexy year. We are doing a big trip this Christmas season so we cut back on gifts and just got 1 big gift for all the kids--a bounce house! ~Zi

    1. Ooooh, so fun. Maybe next year we will do a trip too! Your 4 kids will love their own bounce house!

  4. I say a remodeled bathroom to help facilitate an old man's back when washing these two little rugrats. Would love to see that tucked in under the tree.


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