a holiday evening in DC

On Sunday, we visited the National Christmas Tree in DC, just like we have done in all the years past, and here are some pictures from our night. It was the kids' first time seeing the trees (there are little trees representing each state and territory around the big tree) all lit up, and I think it was fun for them to be out at night. They both enjoyed watching the model trains, too.
The highlight of the trip - new for us this year! - was visitng Santa's Workshop. The wait was 20-25 minutes to get in, but once inside, there were plenty of things to see before meeting Santa himself.
The first area in the workshop was Santa's mailroom and next to it was rows and rows of “the list” with names that Santa has checked twice. We looked for "Anna" and "Will", but no luck. Then it was the workshop itself, with diagrams of toy ideas and toys in various stages of production. Pretty neat, and again, lots of details to see while we waited.
Then it was time to see Santa, but before that, this nice elf told Anna all about how she helps Santa make toys.
Can you believe it was MY very first time taking pictures with the man in red?  Growing up in Taiwan, I don't think people dressed up as Santa for kids to take pictures with, especially not back then. The best part of being a parent is being able to re-live my childhood again. Or in this case, live what I missed.
We continued our traditon of taking some pictures in front of the Red Cross building across the street before heading home.  Overall, a great night!  Merry Christmas Eve!
(Previous years: 2010, 2011, and 2012)


  1. Merry Xmas! And remember, always scrape the bowls...

    1. Yep, thanks to the baker of the family, Santa got his cookies.


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