Disney World 2013: Meeting the Characters

In late October, Luke and I packed up the kids and escaped to the magical world of Walt Disney for a family vacation. We had booked the airfare back in June (?) when JetBlue was running a sale and then the resort/tickets/dining package in August when the Free Disney Dining promotion came out.

So, the entire summer, as great as it was going, the comment, "I can't wait until Disney!" was part of our daily conversation.

But when the vacation finally came, it FLEW by. And now that we have been back for a week, I still have yet to really sort through the pictures and was stumbled at how I should share our Disney vacation on the blog.

It takes time to do recaps for a vacation, but it’s actually difficult to do one when the vacation revolved around going to a theme park every day. Every day was more or less the same – getting up/ready, catching the bus to one of the parks, waiting in line to go on as many rides as possible, eating way too much – with a number of toddler/preschooler irrational emotional outbursts in between. If I was to do day by day recaps, all the posts would probably read the same.

Therefore, I concluded that a detailed account of our vacation didn't make sense and, instead, I will just share lots of pictures, grouped by different topics.

The topic for today's post is Meeting the Characters.

I think the highlight of this vacation for Anna, besides NOT going to school, was meeting the characters. Although we have introduced her to some Disney princesses, she doesn't seem to be interested in them so we stuck to meeting the classic Disney characters. Perfectly fine by us. She was so enchanted by them!  Just look at this cute video of her and Mickey:

And she also met Daisy and Goofy.
This was her when she got pictures taken with her life-long hero, Pooh Bear.
Equally happy when posing with Minnie.
More Pooh Bear and the rest of the Hundred-Acre Wood gang. (psst - this was a character dining and hardly any dinner was eaten due to the anticipation of the characters coming to our table. methinks she had some plain rice and two cookies.)
How did Will feel about the characters? The boy did not care for them at all. He CLUNG onto us whenever they came close while Anna bounced to them.
Maybe next time!


  1. Awwww look at those BIG smiles and giggles. That in itself made the trip worthwhile. Good tip about those character meals, I didn't even think about the kids not really eating. N was like Will too at that age when it came to those character costumes. Now that he is 3 he runs to them and gives them high fives haha :) -Eva

  2. Can't wait to see all the vacay updates grouped by topic. Good idea!!! How rewarding for you that Anna was thrilled to meet all the characters!

  3. Love seeing all those happy pics of Anna! I think most of my kids would probably be like Will and stick to us. Can't wait to read more about your trip. ~Zi

  4. Oh my gosh, this so cute! Such a happy time. I can't wait to get to go to disney, haha... I'll finally have an excuse. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. I'm still not sure how I feel about all this. I never experienced this sort of stuff when I was a kid, so I don't know if it's a good thing or bad thing. Running up and hugging/Running away and screaming from people stuffed inside fuzzy costumes both seem natural and odd. Guess only kids will understand...

    1. I'm with you Daddy Time...

      I think seeing a "huge" Tigger bouncing up to me would half frighten me...


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