An Umi-RIFFIC Celebration

I really wasn't planning on doing any decorating for Will's birthday celebration with family. After all, it was a small gathering, and I thought anything beyond a few helium balloons would be silly. But, as you can see, I changed my mind. And I am glad I did! Because not only Will noticed my Team Umizoomi touches, but he was really excited about them!!

Team Umizoomi party supplies were nearly non-existent, but luckily, Nick Jr came to my rescue. I pretty much printed all the freebies available on the website -- the character posters, place cards, toppers, and more. The best part...all in all, I only spent $2 for a couple of foam boards at the Dollar Tree and used everything else I already had on hand for assembly.

For more decorations, we blew up 6 helium balloons (we always have a helium tank at home) in Umizoomi colors. And then Luke and I huffed and puffed and blew up 30 more to scatter around the house, exactly like what I surprised Anna with on her 3rd birthday. You can sort of see them in the last picture.

Food was simple. Spring rolls, Domino's pizza, grapes, Umizoomi ICE CREAM PIZZA (from one of the kids' favorite episodes), and, of course, birthday cake. As simple as the food was, I had some fun with the signs. The pizza sign read "Super Shapes Pizza", the grapes were "1-2-3 Grapes", the birthday cake was "Mighty Birthday Cake", etc. Ha, I was definitely the only one who got a chuckle out of it, though. Haha.
This Umi-riffic celebration happened on Saturday night. That morning, we had swim lessons and came home for lunch. After lunch and sending the kids to nap, we put up the decorations. When Will came down from his nap, he was soooo excited to see everything. "Geo! Milli! Bot! Balloons! COOKIES!" Totally. Worth. It.

We had 11 people (birthday boy included) and 1 dog in attendance. Anna, having just waking up from her nap, took a while to warm up, but eventually, both kids enjoyed the company of their grandparents, aunt, and cousins. Our house is overflown with new presents, which made me decide that we are having a one-present policy this Christmas.
Showing some sibling love.
And giving out hugs to the grandparents.
So in the end, I am definitely glad that I put in a little bit effort into the party. Not only was it special for the birthday boy, but it was a lot of fun for me to get a crafty! Thank you everyone for coming and showering Will with love and attention! He sends hugs and kisses!


  1. Happy Birthday Will!!!
    I love the Team Umizoomi posters. I like the cutout on Bot, I can do anything on my belly belly screen... I see Will hehe :D
    Umi-RIFFIC job Joyce! - Eva

    1. Haha, I see you have a little Umi fan at home too!

  2. That's one happy and well loved little boy!


  3. Happy 2nd birthday! So glad that he noticed all the decorations from his favorite TV show!

  4. What a fun day and Mama did a super job. And best of all, the kids enjoyed it, especially Mister 2.

  5. Aw looks like it was such a fun party! Happy birthday Will! Isn't it funny how much little kids love balloons? My niece who turned 2 over the summer only wanted to play with the balloons at her party.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee


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