a list of books that the kids are reading / nov 2013

Time for another edition of a-list-of-books-that-the-kids-are-reading. We borrowed all these book from the library and have renewed them as many times as allowed. We will read some of them one last time tonight and tomorrow they go back to the library!
|1| This is a sweet story about a mouse who finds an apple and wants to keep it for himself. Short, easy to understand. Eventually, once we read the book so many times, we just skip the words and talk about the illustrations. Both kids love it. Will, especially, grabs the book from the shelves and shouts, "Big secret!"

|2| Luke really enjoys reading this book to the kids. And the kids love listening to the different ways the boy attempts to catch a star. It's a quick read, perfect for bedtime.  

|3| I grabbed this book on the way out from the library because I thought the cover was cute. It turned out that the story is just as cute -Dini Dinosaur needs to get cleaned before bed, but he heads for the tub with all his clothes on! I try to look for books that are Will-appropriate, but not dull for Anna either. This one hits the spot.

|4| Two dogs driving a loaded truck on a desert road and got stuck in a hole! Colorful, rhyming, and fun to read. It's not a counting book, but Will loves counting the cars in the book just the same.
|5| / |6| I saw these books on display at Barnes and Nobel, quickly read them, and had three thoughts - 1) short, 2) easy to read, and 3) kind of funny ending - so I checked them out from the library for the kids.  For |5| Anna easily guessed that the big fish ate the small fish.  But for |6|, I asked if the bear ate the rabbit, and she said no. I honestly thought that Luke would like the books himself, but he said they are "just okay." Ooook.

|7| Say goodnight to the crane truck, dump truck, excavator, bulldozer, and cement mixer. Not too long and not too short, we read this at bedtime all the time.

|8| For some reason, Anna ADORES this book. She sits and flips through the book from beginning to end, over and over. Her favorite is Lenny the Lighthouse, who's not even the main character.  But if she likes it, I will read it to her.  Luckily, it's another short book.

What have you been reading to your little ones lately?

a list of books that the kids are reading / sept 2013


  1. I like Dini and Catch a Star the most. Those are simple and the drawings are pretty. Yup!

  2. Isn't it wonderful when our kids love to read? We started reading to J when he was very young and he loves to read now. I hope that our baby girl has the same love of reading. Anyways, my sister bought us "I want my hat back" and it is kinda funny. Funnier each time we read it. The hubs bought the Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site. Of course J loooooves that one. I like it because it rhymes ;). Since J has sooooo many books and also ones that we are borrowing from the library, it's hard to list which are his favorite. However, some unique ones that we both love are For Just One Day, Iggy Peck Architect, Darth Vader's Son, and Steam Train, Dream Train. J is also into this National Geographic book on our solar system.

  3. I actually want to read "My Truck is Stuck"... and now!!


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