the kids and pumpkins

I really, really, really wanted to go to a fall festival this year. Not just a freebie one with a bunch of vendor booths, but one that has slides, mazes, haystacks, tunnels, farm animals, kettle corn, and wagon rides that takes you to a real pumpkin patch, where we can cut a pumpkin straight from the vine. Yes, it would cost $$$, but worth every penny because of all the great pictures I would get.

But, long story short, it looks like I will have to wait another year.

However, to make sure that I still have some pumpkin pictures for 2013, we visited a local "farm" yesterday. Actually, I wouldn't call it a farm, but more of a nursery where pumpkins, fall squash, mums, and local fruits are sold. Everything was laid out really pretty and there were actually lots of spots to take pictures of the kids.

Overall, we had a good time exploring, touching, and the kids tolerated my constant, "can you stand here and smile? Don't move, please." We ended up taking home a tiny pumpkin and a fall squash and both kids were pleased. Anna even slept with her pumpkin during nap.      
pumpkins 2
One of my favorite thing about fall is all the photo opportunities and I can't wait for the leaves to start changing color!


  1. Wow! Anna is looking SO grown up!

  2. Cute kids among the great fall colors! Why do you have to wait until next year to go to your dream pumpkin patch?

    1. I know...with the government shutdown, there should be plenty of time right?

      Except that I am cheap and want to go on a weekday to save a few dollars and last week it was rain, rain, and more rain.

      This week the weather is nice, but with Anna in school during the morning and the kids nap until 4pm, I just don't think we will make it. (Anna had school last week too, but I was going to ditch nap and go after school on Friday.)

      Besides, we are off to Disney World next week so I feel that a trip to fall festival this week isn't all that necessary since we will have all the fun next week already.

    2. Totally understand ya! Have fun in Disney World! Jealous!

    3. Oh, and it's back to work today. Yay...but boo?

  3. I love the photos - they kids seem to enjoy the pumpkins and mums!

  4. Great photos! My favorite pumpkin patch (from today's post) has clean pumpkins scattered across a clearing. We went to an "authentic" pumpkins still attached to the vine type of patch last year and it was fun, but SO muddy and messy. :P I love small pumpkins, we have about a half dozen of them but I definitely need to get a larger one or two for carving. Have a great day!

  5. Kids with pumpkins are just so darn cute!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. Your photos turned out great! I love the fact that Anna slept with her pumpkin haha! How cute is that :D - Eva
    P.S. you'll have to tell me about Disney and pass along some tips since we are planning to go later in the year too.

  7. I've said it before, but I'll say it again, pumpkins and fall were never anything special in my youth. I just remember cold weather, stupid school, and leaves. So it's good to see the kids smile and have fun with this season.


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