Happy Halloween 2013!

Yesterday during our dress rehearsal for the big Halloween night, Will took a look at his monkey suit and said, “Brown. No. Don’t want monkey!” and ran away. So tonight I attempted to distract him with a banana while sneakily tried to get the costume on.  His reaction?  The same - he wanted nothing to do with monkey. I didn't want a tearful monkey and so for Halloween 2013, Will went as his dapper self. :)

[side note: it never occurred to me that Will, who's turning 2 in 15 days, would have an opinion on his costume. i borrowed the monkey suit from my friend thinking that it saved me some money. next year, i am definitely letting him have a say.]

Our sweet cupcake was giddy and excited the entire time. I had bought the cupcake costume last year, along with the fish. After rocking her fish costume for her school parade, she decided she wanted to be cupcake instead for the big trick or treat.

After some obligatory photos, we left our sleepy neighborhood and crashed my friend's neighborhood for some chocolates. It was a lot of fun hanging out with Sully and butterfly. We hit up more than a dozen of houses before calling it the night, just as the rain came down.
As a mom, I love documenting each Halloween (or any other major holidays) with pictures of the kids.  I hope you got some good shots of your little ones!  And more importantly, some delicious treats.


  1. :) I love those photos with the banana! Those kids really light up when they smile!

  2. Haha aww he didn't want to be a monkey, who knew kids cared right!? Love the cupcake, what an adorable costume! Hope you guys had a great halloween! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. Haha, so cute!! Especially the way Will said no to the costume. Looks like he borrowed Anna's hat towards the end? Glad you had a good Halloween.

    1. Yup, he went trick-or-treating with the pink hat!

  4. The cupcake costume is ADORABLE! Will's smile in the last "banana" photo is sooo cute! And was he wearing the pink cupcake hat for trick or treating?? And what's wrong with brown? He doesn't like that color right now? Oh, kids!! Glad you all had fun!

    1. After we got to our friend's house, Anna said she didn't want to wear the hat anymore and Will happily put it on himself. I didn't pressure him. Brown's out, pink's in.

  5. Aww Anna is such a cute cupcake! I love how Will wore the "cherry top" hat hehe. Looks like they both had a blast :)
    I guess we only have ONE chance (1st halloween) to choose our kids' costumes the rest they pretty much have their say haha ; ) -Eva

  6. Hmmm...not sure how I managed to skip out on all this activity. Maybe it had something to do with a crying kid or something like that? Well, I'll try to stick around next year. Just need to make sure Will gets to pick out his own costume.


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