crafting for Halloween

October is here...which means it's officially not too early to do some Halloween crafting. Last year we scored a couple of spooky foam kits on clearance at Target. They were originally $2 each, but marked down to 10 cents or something ridiculous so we grabbed a couple and saved them for this year.

It's nice to bake a cake from scratch, but sometimes it's more convenient to just use a cake mix. I feel the same way about crafting. Sure, it's great if we can be original and make something one of a kind, but these kits made everything easy peasy and the kids received satisfaction just the same. And for me, no planning and no mess to clean.

They were SO EXCITED to decorate the house with their creations. Like Luke said in one of his comments, our house looks a little bit like a preschool.

Love that.


  1. I love a premade craft kit too. And for 10 cents, that's awesome! Hehe about the looking like preschool comment. That's pretty awesome.

  2. Halloween is one of those strange semi-holidays that comes and goes without much of a fuss. But now that we have kids, doing these little things and decorating the house makes it a little more memorable. Though our sleepy neighborhood leaves a lot to be desired on days like Halloween.


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