23 Things About Will @ 23 Months

01 according to the home scale, he just broke 30 pounds.
02 on most nights, he gets 10 to 11 hours of sleep.
03 he naps close to 3 hours.
04 he still gets 2 bottles of milk a day. first when he wakes up. then before nap.
05 his wardrobe consists of mostly Carter's (24mo, 2T) and Old Navy/Baby Gap (18-24 mo).
06 he wears size 7 shoes.
07 his preferred methods of transportation are hopping, running, and being carried.
08 he says he's scared of Pesto because the dog steals his food.
09 one of his favorite food is pho noodles, just like his sister.
10 right now, one of his big toes doesn't have a nail. but he's okay with that.
11 he's thoughtful. he heard that anna wanted cereal and automatically offered his.
12 he doesn't cry much, even when he's hurt.
13 he does cry when he wants his mama or baba.
14 he sits on the potty voluntary.
15 we think his favorite color is yellow.
16 he is dexterous.
17 he has the sunniest personality.
18 he enjoys identifying all the colors, numbers, letters, and shapes that he knows. all the time.
19 he shows concern when anna cries.
20 he likes to put on his own shoes (unsuccessfully) and buckle his own seat belt
21 he knows all the characters in Ni Hao, Kai Lan.
22 he says he's Geo in Team Umizoomi (Anna is Milli and I am Bot, btw)
23 he is 4 days away from going to the Happiest Place on Earth!


  1. What a big boy at 30 lbs and size 6 shoes :). It's so sweet how Will is empathetic and caring. And they say that girls are more sensitive ;). Hope y'all have a great time at Disney World!

    1. Size 7 actually! My husband buys the shoes around here, and after I posted this I went to double check. Anna is sensitive in the way that if we yell at her, she cries. Will doesn't care when we yell, but he's so caring.

  2. He sounds like such a great little man. I love #11 and #19. My niece, who is a little over 2 years old, gets very concerned when she hears babies crying (even when we're out in public and it's a stranger's baby). She always ask if baby is ok and wants to go and make sure they are. I think it's the cutest thing!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. The perfect little boy hehe and a very cute one too :)
    Have a great time meeting Mickey and the gang! - Eva

  4. Oh he is too cute. This is such a sweet post. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I can remember a time when I was so impressed that I knew so much about Ryu in the time frame that he has been on this world. He definitely had grown right before my eyes, but at the same time it's almost as if time just went by so quickly. He's so cute ! He broke 30 pounds? That's a good amount of weight. My son must be extremely skinny then. he's 4 and he's like 35 lbs. I guess kids just grow at their own pace.

  6. The one thing about Will that stands out in my mind that I think will carry on throughout his life is the way he listens. When you ask him to do something or to stop doing something, he only half listens. He looks you in the eye and repeats his previous action, but only subtly to see if he'll get yelled at again. Instead of just out right listening and following orders, he just likes to test how much he can get away with. All the while, he just smiles while defying you. Makes me want to strangle and hug him at the same time.


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