Will - 21.5 months update

This month’s update is extra late, but here it is. Will is already 21.5 months old!

Eat and Sleep

I miss my champion eater and sleeper. Now he’s just a typical toddler who’s picky about his food and isn’t sleeping enough. Meal time is the most frustrating time of my day. He eats a couple of bites and takes off his bib and says that he’s full and done. So then I have to take over and feed him spoon by spoon, while distracting him with various objects. I did this with Anna as well, and eventually as she got older, we got over it, so hopefully it will be the same with Will. Unlike Anna who hardly eats meat, Will can eat a lot of fish and chicken if the mood is right. He doesn’t eat much greens, though. We recently gave him his first Dum Dum and he laughed the entire time while eating. Haha.
Since the siblings share a room, they go to sleep at the same time. Sometimes I think Will should go to sleep earlier, and Anna could stay up later, but I know that he will never be okay with going to sleep on his own so we just set 8:30p as their bedtime. They are usually quiet and go to sleep without fuss. In the middle of the night, they both crawl into our bed and we wake up in the morning together, around 6:30a.
Will naps for 2 to 3 hours in the afternoon.

No more gate!

We removed the gate on the top of the stairs the other day. Will is good with going up and down the steps now so we feel it is safe. I was kind of against it in the beginning (since he does walk past the stairs to get to our room in the dark), but now I see how convenient it is for me as well. I can leave the kids upstairs to play and when they are ready to come downstairs, I don’t need to go back upstairs to make sure the gate was unlocked. And believe it or not, they actually listen to me and come downstairs when I ask. I guess when I give them a little freedom, they listen better to my requests.

It was pretty funny that one day after nap, he just came downstairs on his own without making a sound. Definitely caught us by surprise!

Fall 2013

Now that Anna is back at school (5x a week, in the morning), Will hangs out with Grandma 3x a week and 2x with me. Grandma still takes him to the mall play area, but we supplement that with trips to the library for story time. I enrolled him in a music class and we are starting that next Friday. And then he (+ Anna) will have swim class in November. We will try to give him his own activities, but he will be chauffeured around a lot due to Anna’s school pick up / drop off. I guess that’s just the way it is with the second child.

I love hearing Will’s little baby voice. He’s not quite a chatterbox yet, but the stuff he says is darling. At least to us the doting parents.

“Will too!” – Everything is “Will too!” He wants everything that his sister has.
“Hi Buddy!” – Luke says that to him and now he will say that to us.
Anna taught him to say “please” for when he asks for stuff.
Sometimes he says “thank you” and “welcome”.
We were all watching Kai-Lan the other day and Kai-Lan was saying, “Wo jiao Kai-Lan.” Chinese translation: “My name is Kai-Lan.” So Luke said, “Wo jiao Baba.” I said, “Wo jiao Mama.” Anna said, “Wo jiao Anna.” And I was floored when Will said, “Wo jiao Will.”
He directs who he’s talking to by calling our name first.
Luke was sitting on the bed and I asked him, “Where is Will?” Will stuck his head out behind him and said, “Right here.” We both had a good laugh.
I was in the other room and called, “Will!” He said, “What?”
Things He Likes

Team Umizoomi – TV show
Ni Hao, Kai-Lan – TV show
Kai-Lan doll – he can’t sleep without her
Getting in and out of the car / car seat all by himself
Being held when we are out
baby seal – a plastic bath toy
eating banana in the car
a silly game that I made up while reading “Here Comes the Big Mean Dust Bunny”. I hold up my hands and say, “here comes the big mean dust bunny!” and pushes him down. He loves it. Ha. He does it to us too.
Will is an amazing little boy and it’s been so much fun watching him grow. I can’t wait to find out what the future holds for him.


  1. This is without a doubt the best stage so far. Never imagined it could be this much fun with a lax little guy toddling around the house. Seeing him with his big sister is just precious (when they aren't fighting and screaming). Knowing that this is it for our little family just makes watching these brief moments even more special.

  2. Our son is also now the picky toddler too. Just like Will, J used to eat whatever we gave him as a baby. And nice they have the same bedtime. Makes the evenings easier. When did they start going to bed at same time?

    1. Hi Lisa, this happened in May when we switched them to the same room. So Will was 18 months and Anna was 3 years and 2 months.

  3. He's such a bright little boy - it makes me smile to see how rapidly he is learning!

  4. Aww Will is such a cute lil boy! N loves Team Umizoomi too! Love how you have a special little game that you play with each other. It's great watching our kids grow and see their personalities blossom. :) One of the best thing about being a parent! - Eva


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