My Morning Schedule as a WOHM (w/ a 3.5 year old preschooler and a 22 month old toddler)

I haven’t done a “schedule” post in a while, so this is overdue. As a working mom, 8.5 hours of my day is spent outside of the house, so this post will just document the time when I am at home.

Now that the kids are older, things aren’t as crazy/busy anymore. We have a good routine down pat and the kids are generally well-behaved and happy. They also play together or independently, so we are mostly hands off in the morning.

(Anna is 3.5 years old and Will is 22 months old.)

6:30 – 6:45am – I wake up to find both kids waking up in our bed. They fall asleep in their kids’ room, but migrate to our room in the middle of the night. Luke wakes up a little bit earlier to let the dog out and to warm up Will’s milk (yep, he is still on the bottle, but I am not sweating it).

6:45 – 7:10am – I give Will his bottle and chat with Anna, who is still slowly waking up. I ask her to get her clothes for the day. Will is pretty quick with drinking his milk so I can get both kids ready (change diaper, potty, clothes on) all during a short amount of time. The kids know what to expect so we are all very efficient. I start getting ready for work.

Grandma also arrives during this time.

After the kids are dressed, they can do whatever they want. Sometimes they play upstairs for a bit, sometimes they go downstairs to hang out. Now that the gate is removed, they have more freedom.

7:10 – 7:20ish-am – I finish getting ready for work (hair, makeup, clothes), fix the bed, and tidy up the kids’ room.

By 7:25am – We are all downstairs and I am cooking Anna’s breakfast. Grandma is more than capable of fixing Anna’s breakfast, but since I’ve always done it, I just do it. No matter how late I am running, I always make her breakfast. My job is very flexible.

7:30am – Breakfast is served for Anna. Her breakfast lately has been either 1) scramble eggs on toast or 2) Nutella on toast. Sometimes I sit down to eat cereal with her, more often I eat standing up in the kitchen. Will may get a bowl of dry cereal and eat at the table with her, but he’s not big on breakfast.

By 7:45am – I grab my lunch (always leftovers from dinner) and put it in my lunch box, along with some fruit and snack. I gather all my other belongings (purse – check, phone – check), while spewing out special instructions for Grandma, if any. I say goodbye to everyone and head out of the door!

8:00am – At work!

To be continued...

Few notes:
1. This is the schedule for T-W-TH. I am home on M and F.
2. When the kids wake up closer to 6:30am, the schedule shifts and I get to work earlier, usually around 7:45am.
3. After I leave for work, the kids get their morning screen time while they each get yogurt and gummi vitamins. Then Anna leaves for school at 8:40ish-am. She’s at school from 9:00 to 12:00 noon. Will hangs out with Grandma during that time. Then nap for both kids at 1:00ish-pm.

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  1. I like your short commute time!!

    It's really nice of Grandma to sit the kids - I'm sure they will treasure the memories.

  2. That is definitely a pretty efficient morning routine, I'm impressed! Good thing you have that short commute!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    1. Yes. I always tell people that one of the reasons why I am happy with my job is my short commute. It makes all the difference, especially when you are a mom.

  3. Must be nice that grandma lives close! How close? Short commute is lovely!! Mine is 15min when not dropping off at daycare. Hub's is even shorter!

    1. Grandma actually does't live THAT close! It's a 45-min to a hour commute for her. She's definitely doing us a huge favor. Short commutes in our area is a luxury! My husband works from home, so he has no commute.

  4. How wonderful that grandma is able to come to your house! I am envious of your short commute, although I do kind of enjoy having quiet time in the car to listen to music and drink my coffee. :)

  5. Hmmm...I wonder how I can get some time on that busy schedule? ...sigh... Oh wait,I'm still sleeping...never mind....


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