lately / the September edition

It’s been a few months since my last “lately /” post, so here is a short + sweet post as I am feeling lazy.
A week or two before school started for Anna, we were on a roll with cranking out crafts. Paper plate crafts, to be more specific. I had no idea that paper plates could be so versatile! And fun! We have a few animals in the queue that she has requested we make next. Penguin, mouse, and hippo.
9/12/2013,  first time writing out her name completely.
9/12/2013...3 days before turning 3.5 years old...Anna wrote out her name completely and legibly!
Last Friday morning, while I was on Will-watch, I somehow let him drop a can of corn on his big toe. I watched in horror as blood flooded under his toenail and turned black. He eventually stopped wailing and screaming (I gave him a lollipop) and because I kind of knew that it wasn't broken, I carried on the day as normal. The rest of Friday and Saturday we were faced with a very irritable Will. I suspect the toe was very tender and was hurting a lot.  On Saturday night, the skin around it was getting redder and swollen, so we followed Dr. Google's advice and poked a hole (with hot, sterile needle) through the nail to allow the blood to be released. Then I instagram'ed the picture above. Instagram beautifies everything because it actually looked a lot worse in person.  Luckily, after the little procedure, the red disappeared and swollen went down. He slept soundly through the night and was his old self again on Sunday.  The toe will take a while to heal, but he's no longer in pain and can dance and skip once again.

Lesson here -- don't let your toddler help with putting canned goods away.
There is no way around it. I am no longer in that gray area. It's official -- I am in my mid-thirties. *sob* Honestly? I feel alright about it. I have a husband who makes me laugh, two beautiful kids who are the light of my life, and a cute dog who worships me. Life is good.

And - And! - Anna wrapped her favorite Minnie doll and gave it to me as birthday present. Seriously, what else could I possibly want?

(PS. She now gets a kick out of it that I sleep with Minnie.)


  1. Cool plate animals! Good job writing her own name. Glad Will feels better! And happy birthday. You get better with time :D!

  2. Yikes - that must of been a 10 gallon size can!!

    :) I love the dinosaur plates! :)

  3. I love the paper plate animals! Ouch poor Will, I'm glad to hear he's feeling better. Good tip, and gotta remember this one.

  4. Great crafts! And so sorry to hear about little Will but isn't it amazing how fast they can bounce back =) Happy belated birthday! ~Zi

  5. Those paper plate crafts are so cute! So sorry to hear about the toe. Fortunately kids seem to heal quickly. :) Happy belated birthday! Welcome to the mid-30's... it's great!

  6. Our house is really starting to look like a preschool with all these art projects hanging around. If I had known that, I wouldn't have bothered having the house painted when we moved in.

    But yes, another birthday has come and gone in our home. Things were so much simpler when there was only two of those going around. With four of them coming around every corner now, time is just flying by...

    Happy Birthday Jo!


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