a short weekend trip, part 2 (Kings Dominion)

The Carousel is an old favorite of theirs.
They were so excited to be high above!

After having a very good time at Kings Dominion last year, I couldn’t wait to take the family back again this year, especially since Will was now old enough to go on the rides. But, I suppose I jinxed myself for having a high expectation, because we only went on exactly THREE rides! Bummer. Our first ride of choice was the spinning teacups at Planet Snoopy. After waiting 15-miniute-ish under the scorching sun, while watching the employee moving like molasses doing his job, we were just about done. However, we did go on the Carousel and the Ferris wheel because the lines were a lot shorter.

After lunch and ice cream, our time there got significantly better. We escaped the crowed and went to the water section of the park. There is nothing like water to make my kids laugh and scream like crazy. There was no waiting, just lots of splashing. Luke and I agreed that this part alone was worth the drive.
We were so proud that he climbed up there all on his own!
On the way out, we continued our tradition of family picture in front of the fountains. We are a bit too far away, but we got smiles from everyone! Win.
Because of budget cut happening everywhere, I don’t know if I will still be with my company next year. If I am, we will most definitely be back. :) Next time though, we will just bring our own lunch and head straight for water.


  1. Normally, we're huge fans of free things, but not this time. The food and long lines ruined everything. And it didn't have to be this way, simply throwing a body or two more at each ride would've made a world of difference. Having a single person to run each ride, doing the safety checks and operations resulted in needlessly long lines and wait times even once you're seated. Just dumb. Only saving grace was the water sections where the kids can just have fun.

  2. Your kids need to sprout fins and gills! They are such "creatures of the water!"

  3. We always love the carousel. The lines are fast and my kids love going on it again and again ... and again haha! That water section looks like a blast. I'm surprised it wasn't crowded given it was a hot day.
    Great family photo! :) Hope you guys can go back next year. -Eva

  4. When I was younger I used to stay with my aunt and cousin in VA every summer. And every year we'd go to Kings Dominion. It was pretty much my favorite place ever, haha! I haven't been back in years though.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. This place looks like a kid's dream come true! Your little ones looked like they had a blast :) These pictures make me so happy, and I'm sure is something your kids will appreciate as they look back on their mommy's blog someday.


  6. What a fabulous water park! My girls would never want to leave. Carousels are such happiness for kids!

  7. I can't wait in long lines with kids either! Good idea to head to the water. Glad you went before the weather turned so cool!


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