a short weekend trip, part 1 (Williamsburg)

It had been over a year since we took the family to Williamsburg, so when we saw a deal on LivingSocial for a 2-night stay, we booked it right away. That was a couple of weeks ago and the trip was this past weekend.

We left on Friday early afternoon, after Anna got out from school, and spent Friday and Saturday night there. Then on Sunday, on the way home, we went to an annual event sponsored by my company, a family day at Kings Dominion. All in all, we were only away from home for a little over 50 hours, but we did a lot. Two tired parents + two tired kids = a busy, fun-filled weekend.

We reserved a 1-bedroom condo at The Historic Powhatan Resort, but upon arrival, they gave us a 2-bedroom instead. Super! There were two bathrooms, a full kitchen, 6-seat dining table, living room, and a washer & dryer (which we did use to do a load of laundry despite of our short stay!). When traveling with kids, it's always nice to have extra room to stretch. This unit was plenty big for our family.

As for the stuff we did, it was the usual. We drove the Colonial Parkway toward Jamestown and stopped at our favorite pit stop to play in the water. The water was calm and serene and, given the opportunity, I think the kids could stay out there forever. They found the most mundane things to keep them busy.
On Saturday evening, we went to Colonial Williamsburg and something memorable (or, if you are Anna, horrifying) happened...

Both kids were doing this - having a good time climbing and watching the horses from a safe distance.
Until one of them came running toward us and this was what happened next:

Poor Anna was terrified, which made me feel kind of lousy that I didn't rescue her fast enough. :( Now she has it in her mind that horses are big and scary. Just for the record though, she pretty much stop crying as soon as I picked her up, but we couldn't convince her otherwise about those horses.
Luke doing his attempt to show Will that horses aren't so scary.

Other pictures from our walk around Colonial Williamsburg:
Will kept on saying "Open? Play sheep?" and jerking on the lock.
Spinning and having a few laughs in front of the Governor's Palace.

By the time we got back to the hotel, it was past 8, but Anna really wanted to go for a swim. So we did!
I didn't get in the water, I just lounged and browsed my favorite website. Haha, mine.

I will finish up the rest of the trip later, but before I end the post...

Happy 6th Anniversary to us!

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. And look! My husband made a cake! And we even had that #6 candle laying around the house. Pretty perfect.
We told Anna that six years ago, Mama and Baba got married and our little family was formed. I don't know if she truly understood that so then we just told her that it was Mama and Baba's birthday. After cake, she said happily, "This is the best birthday ever!"


  1. Happy Anna-versary!

    I think that horse thought Anna had an apple or treat for him/her. Shame she was so spooked! Not everyone can get a horse to come greet them!

  2. Not sure what happened this past weekend. Time got stretched out somehow. Spending time in a slower spot like Williamsburg is a nice change and messing around a riverbank is always kickass. Were it not for the company day at Kings Dominion, we definitely wouldn't have spent a second there. But now that we know their water parks are great for kids, we'll definitely be looking forward to it next year - unless the company decides to lay somebody off.

    And yes, 6 years. Sounds like a lot, but when you're actually living through it, it all seems to go by so fast...too fast.

    1. Yeah, I don't know if I can manage to fly under the radar for another year.

  3. Williamsburg is a great place to visit, we were there last summer. Aww poor Anna, sorry that happened to her. I'm sure she will come to love horses again real soon.
    Happy Anniversary to you and your husband and to many more happy years together!!!
    We're celebrating our 8th today. I have a chocolate cake and the kids can't wait to eat that for dessert tonight haha!

    1. Happy anniversary to you! Hope the cake was good!

  4. Yay for room upgrade even though you paid through living social!! I didn't know Williamsburg was so little-kid friendly! You'll have to be our insider if we ever plan a trip. Happy 6 year anniversary!!


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