a list of books that the kids are reading / sept 2013

Cooler weather is here, which means we have added a few fall-ish books to our book rotation. I can't wholeheartedly recommend that these are MUST READS!, but they do teach the little ones about the fall and the activities that go along with the season. Also, since we read to both kiddos at the same time, I need stories that 1) Will (22 months) can sit through and 2) aren't too baby for Anna (3.5 years), and I feel that these books fit the bill.
|1| is about Clifford's first autumn...exactly what the title says. Clifford discovers frosty air, pumpkins, fallen leaves, and football. Easy read and we talk about the illustrations.

We read |2| before we went apple picking and afterwards as well. It's a great book about picking apples and what yummy treats you can make with them. Throughout the book, there are lessons in sorting and counting. I personally like nearly all Monica Wellington book.

|3| Another easy read. It's about a family going to a farm to pick apples and pumpkin. Then they carve the pumpkin and go trick or treating on Halloween night. Anna asked if we could carve a pumpkin after reading this book.

|4| A book with rhymes that is sometimes awkward to read, but it's about a girl who likes pumpkins a lot. I give it 2 stars because I am feeling generous.

|5| This story follows a family through the fall season, as they do many activities (racking leaves, picking apples, attending the County Fair) together. Short, easy to read.

|6| A fast-read about Mouse and Minka and lots and lots of leaves. It's a simple read with one or two lines per page. On the boring side, but cute illustrations.

We are getting a head start on reading Halloween books, but I still haven't found a really, really good one. So I am looking for recommendations if you have any!
If you decide to read |7|, don't try to read it word for word, especially to little kids like mine. The sentences are long and horrible. Instead, we talk about the illustrations, from decorating for Halloween to trick or treating to eating the candies. It's a nice book overall...just skip the words.

|8| Fun book for the kids. They see the monster grow...and then disappear.  My kids love it.

|9| This one looks perfect for the Halloween season, but I haven't actually read it to the kids yet.  Hubs did and he didn't hate it, so that actually says a lot. It has 32 reviews on Amazon and 5 stars.

|10| is an old favorite of mine that I borrowed from the library again for Halloween. I love Julia Donaldson for her clever rhymes. This is a fun read. Anna likes it a lot.  It's probably a bit too advanced for Will.  He doesn't sit through it.

Finally, here are just a couple more books we have checked out from the library.
other books
|11| is one of my favorite, favorite children's book.  Both Anna and Will love it and ask for it again and again. It cracks them up when I move the book near and far as I read "This is the near sheep, this is the far sheep." They love to turn the last page and find the green sheep "fast asleep." Awesome book.

|12| / |13| / |14| are books on colors. Unbeknownst to me, Anna actually read |12| at school and it was so much fun for ME to discover that she knew the ending as we were trying to guess it. There are many books I get tired of reading quickly, but |14| is not the case. Highly recommend both!

|15| The kids adore this vibrant book - we read it twice in one night. The pages have die cut shapes that build to a dinosaur face that folds out on the last page into a dinosaur.

|16| This is another book that I found out Anna had read it at school. It's a book on counting and Will enjoys counting the apples one by one, page by page. So it actually takes a while to read for us!

What have you been reading to your kids lately?


  1. I think #11 sounds great too! I'll have to see if I can check it out of my own library (they are used to me reading children's books, thankfully!)

    1. Hope it makes you chuckle like it does to my kids. :)

  2. Wow what a great selection of books. I have to check to see if our library has some of those titles. Oh I love that Where's my Mummy? book, we saw that one at the bookstore. We also borrowed the Shape by Shape book in the past and a definite favorite for my kids. We've been reading a book called Frankie Stein almost every night haha - Eva

  3. so cute!


  4. Hmmm...I don't see How to Catch a Star on this list. Maybe you picked it up after the post? I think that's been my fav so far. Though I really don't get around to reading to the kids much at all anymore. That's something I definitely need to work on.

    1. Yes, How to Catch a Star will be in the next installment.


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