Will - 20.5 months update

Another month flew by. Will is 20.5 months now and he is as squishable and lovable as ever. For this update, I am taking the easy way out - bullet points.
- Will is learning lowercase letters. We recently bought him this toy and he plays with it every day. I think he knows more than half now?
- He identifies green, yellow, red, blue, black, pink, and purple.
- He knows circle, square, triangle, star, octagon, and trapezoid. TRAPEZOID!
- He counts - all the way to 10, but may miss 2 or 3 numbers on the way. He recognizes 0 thru 10.
- Yep, we think he’s sort of smart. :)
- He can eat his weight in grapes and banana, but his favorite is icream (ice cream).
- When we leave places, he says bye (and moves his fingers up and down) to everyone on the way out.
- His favorite show is Ni-Hao, Kai Lan and he sleeps with his Kai Lan doll.
- He gives out random hugs and lays his head on my lap.
- Similarly, he gets in front of us and raises his arms for us to pick him up. Then he lays his head on our shoulders.
- Sleep is still pretty bad - asleep by 8:45ish in his bed and wakes up at 6 next to us. AND we have to stay with him until he falls asleep.
- His nap is decent, though. Always at least 2 hours long, more if we lay next to him half way through it.
- He walks down the stairs by himself and when we try to hold his hand, he pushes it away and says, I got it. He learned that from his sister. When we are not around and he wants to go down the steps, to be safe, he sits and slides down and says bump over and over all the way down.
- Other stuff he picked up his sister - I am full, No, don’t want it, Stop!, NO!, WHY??
- He asks to sit on the potty but doesn’t actually do anything.
- Favorite books as of late: The Doghouse, Can You Make a Scary Face?, Here We Go Around the Mulberry Bush (we act it out), and anything by Emma Garcia.
- He likes to copy his sister. Like scribbling with markers. Except he leaves them everywhere, with the caps off. Drives me insane. I shouldn’t get mad, because he’s just a baby.
- Not that he has any other choice, but his favorite playmate is Anna. He calls her Nana. And points to himself and says Will.
- Those two go wild together. Their idea of fun is running around the house and going wild. Making messes wherever they go. They fill our house with noise and laughter. I love them dearly. :)


  1. It's really interesting how, at this early stage, I can tell this little man is special. Meaning, he's nothing like me. He's calm, happy, smart, and rarely ever cries.


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