summer crafting: s is for snake, heart necklace, TP choo choo train

We have been doing lots of crafty projects lately and here are a couple that I took pictures of.

I showed Anna one of my Pinterest boards and she picked this snake craft immediately. I let the kids pick out their own colors for the body and stripes. Anna picked pink cardstock and pink glitter paint (surprise, surprise). And Will picked navy blue cardstock and yellow paint. Then hubs drew big block-style letter S’s and I cut. I also cut out two small tongues.

After that, Anna finished the snake all on her own. She did a great job stamping and, once it was dried, gluing on the googly eyes and the tongue. Will also stamped the stripes all by himself, but I did the rest after it was dried. Ha, I think he had forgotten all about it by then. Overall, a pretty fun and easy project.
This recycled straw necklace was an okay project. I gathered some cardstock scraps and, using a craft punch, Anna punched out the hearts. I then use a regular hole punch to punch a hole in the middle of all the hearts. In hindsight, Anna could have helped with cutting the straws, but I went ahead and did that as well. Then I cut a long piece of string/twine and we started stringing.

Anna had trouble with the actual stinging because the string wasn’t stiff enough so I helped with that…but she handed me the pieces to string one by one. A good way to learn about patterns, I suppose. Later she had fun wearing the necklace. If you do this project with your little one, definitely use a stiffer material for the string.
We made this choo choo train because Anna said she wanted to make a train. So I did a search and found this idea. Anna picked out the paint colors with one input from Will. She then painted the toilet paper rolls, while Will dabbed a little. Once the rolls were dried, I punched out some wheels using a circle punch and she helped with gluing them on.

After that, it was all hubs.
He linked the cars together using paper clips and secured a clothespin for the steam pipe. Then came my favorite part - the smoke traveling behind the train. I was just going to stretch out a cotton ball and call it a day. But hubs went a step further and inserted a paper clip (unfolded) into the stretched cotton ball to make sure the “smoke” stayed up. As I took the following picture, I was like, wow, it looks good! Haha.
Overall I have enjoyed all these crafts. Anna is definitely getting better as we do more crafts together. She will do an activity without getting frustrated and actually follows through. Big success!


  1. These are such great ideas! I love the train, what a fun diy!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. I despise these little craft projects, they take up too much time and require too much patience. Good thing I don't get tasked too often in these little engagements. I'd much rather just lay down, listen to some good tunes...and slowly...fall..asleeeep....

  3. I really think the choo-choo train is cool!! Neat idea someone had!!

  4. They are all great DIY crafts! Wow great idea about putting the paper clip inside the cloud, VERY clever! - Eva

  5. I can't wait to start making creative crafts with my daughter! Right now she's too young, and everything that I make will end up being played with by my husband...haha. I will definitely be scrolling through your old posts when the time comes! Thanks for all these great ideas!!


  6. What cute crafts! That train is adorable with the cotton ball smoke/steam coming out the top!

  7. What great crafts, which are also teaching them such great skills.


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