Hidden Oaks Nature Center!

The weather has been very un-August-like and I am loving it. Breezy, sunny, and high in the 70s/low 80s. Not at all hot and sticky, but just a lot of fun in the sun.

Last Friday on my normal day off, I took the kids to Hidden Oaks Nature Center. It was only 15 minutes away and small enough for me to handle the kids on my own. Inside the nature center, there were live animals (we saw turtles, a toad, and snakes), interactive exhibits, a tree loft for the kiddos to climb, small library, and blocks + toys. Outside of the nature center, there was an outdoor play space (picture above), with a little pond. Overall, a very nice place to spend a morning for ages 2-5! Maybe even a little bit older kids might like it too?
Now what Anna loved the most - which she old me herself - was redeeming the goodies for completing the library summer reading program. That plastic bug and the purple magnifying glass made her SO HAPPY during the entire trip.  Little kids find amusement in such littlest things.  :)
Before we left, we went to the playground nearby for a spin on the swings.
Before I had kids, I would never think of visiting places like Hidden Oaks.  But now that I have two little ones, I love finding these type of places - close to home, fun and educational, and cost nothing.  It gives us something to do in the morning before going home for lunch and nap.  I will be scoping out more little kids-friendly destinations nearby and blogging about them here.  Maybe other Moms like me will find them useful!


  1. Looks like a place I would enjoy visiting!

    Got to love "Inspector Anna" and "Swinging Will"!

  2. I agree, those two look like they loved your little discovery. And thank goodness August has been pleasant so far. Maybe we sweated through the worst part of this summer back in July?

    1. I hope! But I do wish for just one more hot day... there is a spray ground that I want to take the kids. Just one more!

  3. These little nature parks are cool, especially when they're free. Then again, they already took our tax dollars to pay for them, so I guess it's not really free. But anyways, so long as the kids are learning and enjoying themselves outside the home, these are very good things indeed. And yes, this weather has been unseasonably nice. Still wish the mosquitoes would all DIE already! DIe DiE DIE!


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