another visit to another nature center (Huntley Meadows)

Huntley Meadows Park was a new-to-us place that we visited this past weekend. It was another one-of-those-places-I-would-never-have-thought-to-go-if-it-wasn't-for-kids, but it actually turned out to be a cool little place to visit. Like Hidden Oaks, it is a nature center (with interactive exhibits, books, etc), but it also has some short trails and a half-mile boardwalk along the wetlands, where wildlife can be found. We went on a good day - not hot - so it was nice to be outside enjoying nature.

From the parking lot, it was a short 5-minute walk through the shady forest to the nature center/visitor center, where the kids pushed some buttons and ran around.  Then we walked another 10 minutes (more shades) to the boardwalk.
We weren't sure what we would see once we got on the boardwalk, but we found some turtles lounging on a log immediately.  Then as we walked more and looked closer, we saw a bunch of fishes, tadpoles, more turtles, and dragonflies.  We also heard and saw different species of birds.  We were not disappointed. Hubs said we should go back again with our big camera.
Later we came across the observation tower where we took a rest...
and this was our view.
Overall, Huntley Meadows was a great place for our little family to get out and get some exercise. The boardwalk was really fun to walk on and to look for creatures. I will say that hubs and I probably enjoyed it more than the kids, but in the end, they were in good spirits and only wanted to be carried because they were tired. If you have little kids and live in the area, it's a good way to spend 1 to 2 hours. I highly recommend it!


  1. It's great that you have so many places to go to near you! - Eva

  2. Hands-down, the neatest thing to do in Alexandria, VA. We normally stick to our little corner of the Beltway, but going down south is worth it for this. I actually would go here all the time by myself just to get away from the usual things that DC attracts. Just wish we'd be allowed to step off the boardwalk and walk among the fishies and frogs!

    1. Wow, you mean I actually found a place that you don't hate? That's it, I have done everything I needed to do in life.

  3. What a beautiful (and peaceful looking) spot!

    I just love turtles!

  4. Yay another fun and fabulous trip with the kiddos!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. This is gorgeous. I have never taken my son to any type of nature center and i think he would enjoy it. quality time with the family is always great :)

  6. What pretty scenery! And so great that it wasn't too hot. I'm hoping my girls will get more into hiking as they get older. For some reason they can ride for miles on their bikes, but when it comes to walking they get really tired. :P You guys are really enjoying your summer with so many fun activities!


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