Will - 19.5 months update

Between Hawaii in May and Myrtle Beach in June, I haven't been good about taking at-home pictures.  All these pictures, with the exception one, were all taken on our vacation at Myrtle, which was when Will actually turned 19 months.  

Will is 19.5 months and….a bit?

Once again, I am late with this month’s update, but I don’t want to skip it entirely either. So here is a super fast update to get you all up to speed on Will’s life. :)
First things first. Will has been picky about his food for the last few months now. For that reason, he’s thinning out. All his baby cellulites have disappeared. And his legs are getting longer and leaner. Hubs gave him a buzz cut sometime this month and all of a sudden, he looked so much older. Less cutesy baby-ish and more devil boy-ish. I suspect he still weighs around 28 or 29 pounds, but I can tell he’s taller.

Sleep. I miss my good sleeper. Ever since we transitioned him to a twin size bed in the kids’ room, he has regressed in the sleep department. We put the kids to bed at the same time around 8:00p and those two chat and giggle until 8:45ish? It drives me crazy because he still wakes up at 6…which means he only gets a little more than 9 hours of nighttime sleep. Then he proceeds to be fussy and sleepy in the morning and falls asleep in the car if we drive somewhere...which messes up his afternoon nap. Pretty frustrating!

On another note…kids’ room. Yes, the siblings now share a room. Anna loves it. Her old room is still there, but she never wants to sleep there. I hope this set up will encourage some kind of sibling love and bonding.
Kids room
Oh I want to remember this – Will wakes up in the middle of the night and comes to sleep with us. I hear him running and climbing into our bed and tucking himself between us. So cute. Anna slept with us, too, but now she refuses. So I am not worried about this behavior, he will stop eventually. I am just enjoying the cuddles for now.

ABCs. Will knows all his uppercase alphabets and he didn’t learn them from us. Since he was little, he has always played with LeapFrog Leaptop and LeapFrog Letter Factory Phonics. I guess he really wasn’t just mindlessly pushing buttons after all, but actually learning! He loves screaming out letters when he sees then, like on our shirts, on trucks, in random signs. Oh, and he also knows the sounds to majority of the letter, too.

Other stuff. So, because Will is so capable of learning, I’ve been teaching him colors in English and Chinese. But, apparently, everything is either red or blue to him. He says red in Chinese and blue in English. And…that’s it. Hubs says he likes to sort in the bathtub. We have foam letters in the bathroom and he likes to group the 2’s, the P’s, etc. Will has a green bear that he carries around and sleeps with. He will actually look for it if it is missing. I think he likes it so much because Anna has an identical red one that she carries. He does a lot of pretend play with the two bears.
Books. Now that the kids go to sleep at the same time, we also read to them at the same time. Depending on their behavior, we probably read for about 20 minutes before bed. It’s hard for Will to sit through books so we pick ones that are short and interactive, but I think Anna can handle much more complicated stories. So we are still trying to find a balance. Either way, I am just glad that Will is starting to get into books. Sometimes he will sit down and flip through them on his own.
Personality. 99% of the time, Will is a good boy. But yesterday was one of those days where he wanted to be held. And he wanted to be held by hubs only. But because we were running around (he was working + I was cooking), he was just whining and fussing a lot. Finally, I just put a plate of food in front of him and he ate while standing on the learning tower. Then I gave him some crackers, some apples, crispy chicken, and two mango pouches. He ate it all. So maybe he was just hungry? But after that, he was as good as gold. Overall, he’s still my easy child. Hardly cries even when he bangs his head or falls flat on his back.
To wrap it up. I haven’t enrolled Will in any classes. I was about to send him to a music class this summer, but his irregular sleep schedule convinced me to canceled it. I do think he will LOVE that kind of environment so I am going to sign him up in the fall, once Anna goes back to school. This way, taking one kid out will be easier for Grandma to handle.


  1. Unlike Anna, Will doesn't go bonkers too often. But when he does, it drives us nuts because we're so used to him being so lax. All in all, he's a great addition to the family and would highly recommend him for any future family prospects!

  2. Awww, losing the baby rolls and getting crew cuts! Certainly turning into a little boy! Argh about the sleep regression. Totally understand ya! Our 3 yr old suddenly flipped a switch and only wants to sleep 10 hrs TOTAL a day. That can't be right. Cute that the kids share a room. We might have to do this once Baby Girl gets older. And awww on the pretend play with the bears. I love watching pretend play!


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