weekend happenings

Here is a picture I took of hubs and the kids at the Natural History Museum in DC over the weekend:
Truthfully, the kids are probably a couple of years too young to appreciate the museum, but they still had fun running around. They both loved pointing out the animals in the Hall of Mammals exhibit and looking at the bugs in the Insect Zoo exhibit. We also saw a bunch of skeletons and told Anna that those are the bones inside our bodies. Not sure she really understood, though.

After the museum, we went across the National Mall to the Smithsonian Castle. We took Anna here once when she was little and she loved the water jet at the flower garden, so we went for it again. This time, though, they didn't just stop at the water jet, they went frolicking in the fountain next to it, too.
He just walked, face down, right into the water.
The both got drenched. Saturated.
Then we dried up, changed clothes, and left for home.

It was a good outing, but next time, I would love to take them to a children's museum instead.

We also went to Meadowlark Gardens this weekend. There were butterflies fluttering everywhere!
And I found these two cute kids having tea. :)


  1. Your children are getting such a beautiful upbringing. I hope they remember all these happy times!!

    1. Haha, pictures can be deceiving! :) What I didn't write about was the drama getting into DC. But it was all good, because later I totally laughed about it.

  2. DC sucks,too many tourists clogging up the roads, crosswalks, and parking spaces. So many ppl in my way! Argh!!! Oh...and wrong turns kinda suck too.

  3. If you are ever in the Philly area, you should check out Please Touch Museum. Our kids have so much fun there every time we go. ~Zi

  4. That's a great museum! I visited years ago before we had kids. I love how your family goes on so many adventures! That butterfly photos is gorgeous. Have a wonderful day!

  5. Hah I love how much fun they had with the fountain and water jet! Ahh to be a kid again, right!? :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. They are so adorable, and so smart!


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