The theme of our weekend was water.

Water play is a great way to beat the summer’s heat so we have been doing a lot of that lately.

On July 4th, we blew up the baby pool and let the kids have some splashing time right in our own screen-in porch.
Shout "hooray!"

On Saturday, with my mom's inside connection, we got free passes to Water Mine.  I was really looking forward in taking the kids there because they have been loving water lately, but this trip was kind of a bust. Here is why.  First, it took forever to get 30 minutes?  And because we were there around 15 minutes before opening time, we basically waited 45 minutes to get in. The mood was already ruined right then and there.

Then once we got inside, just when Anna was having a ball floating in her doughnut in the lazy river, we were told that personal doughnuts were not allowed and we had to use their adult-size ones. Obviously, they were too big for my kids.  We did make two rounds around the loop with the kids laying on top of us and that was fun, but then they called a pool break. Not their fault, but just bad timing since we had just figured out the work-around.
Anna loves to swim because she loves to kick around using her doughnut. Without it, she was meh about the whole thing.  Will, on the other hands, LOVED! going down the slides.  He was definitely one of the younger ones going down the slides, and sometimes took way too long to let go, but he did so well.  Such a thrill seeker, my little boy.  :)
The only time Anna really laughed was playing with the shower sprinkler.
We went with my friend and her son, E.  

We definitely won't be returning to Water Mine this season.  I think my kids are still too little for water parks and I rather just have a big open pool for swimming.  Now we just need to befriend with people with swimming pools!

The next day we went to Mosaic District in the morning...
and again in the afternoon with bathing suits on.  I just love watching them enjoying themselves.
Pure joy.


  1. It definitely is so much fun to watch kids playing in the water! I love that first photo... how is one able to take a nap in the midst of all the joyous noise?!? Those fountains in the last two photos look great... so nice that they have a shaded area for the adults!

    1. Yes...shaded nice to have. Unfortunately, it is only there depending on the time of the day. In the morning we were all melting from the sizzling heat.

  2. I love the fountain photos!! Your kids have such "light up the world" smiles!

  3. Cute that you can have a baby pool on your enclosed porch/deck! All the fun of water without the burning hot sun! And too bad about Water Mine being a bust :(. At least you know for next time, I say. The Mosaic place sounds interesting!

  4. I think we've had enough of these water parks, our guys are just too little for now. Need to find a simple pool or lake and let them float around it in for a bit. That or sell the house and find one with a pools in the back!


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