summer crafting: bubble painting, Lego stamping, egg carton bug making

On my summer bucket list is to get crafy with the kids so we did a couple of projects this past week and I thought I would share.

The bubble painting was probably the biggest hit. It was slow to start because Anna didn't want to blow the bubbles at first, but once I got a longer straw, she was really into it. It was a MESSY project. We had paint splattered everywhere, on the table and all over our faces. I wish I took pictures of the process and the aftermath, but it was just too messy for me to walk away and pick up the camera. It was definitely fun, Anna talked about it for days after -- a sign of good craft! We later turned the artwork into cards for everyone (hubs, Will, Grandma, me, herself). I have mine hanging up in the office. :)
Bubble painting
This Lego stamping craft was a complete miss. It was a quick project we did at my parents' house. The kids didn't understand to dip the blocks into the paint just a little bit. Instead they dunked them in and created a blob of a mess. It probably took longer to clean up than actual play time.
Lego painting
Then last night after dinner, we made some egg carton bugs! Specifically, we were shooting to make ladybugs, but we didn't have any black paint, so we just used random colors and made them colorful for the spots. This was another hit for Anna. She wanted to make more and more and participated every step of the way.
Truth be told, crafting with the kids isn't always a good time. Do you feel the same way? I get frustrated when they don't listen or don't want to try. And with my kids, they don't like getting their hands dirty. I tell them that after we finish, we will wash hands and that it's okay for their hands to be dirty in the process. They tune me out. So I keep some baby wipes next to me and wipe their hands for what seems like a hundred times during a 10-minute project. But sometimes I find a project that they really like and it's all worth it. :)


  1. I think all your crafts turned out great! I'll have to try the lego stamping with my kids :) I wonder if the larger legos (duplo blocks) would be less likely to get dunked? or maybe stack a few small legos together so it creates a bigger stamp? Hmmm, thanks you just inspired me!
    Yeah sometimes what we think is fun may not be so for the kids. I just "love" when cleaning up takes longer then the time they spend making the craft. haha the joys of crafting :D -Eva

    1. Smart! Stacking the blocks so it's easier for their little fingers to hold is brilliant. I considered Duplo, but didn't want to waste any paint. Ha, probably wasted more using the smaller ones.

  2. I love all the crafts as well! Especially the bubble blowing! We don't do much crafts because I don't like the clean up. If we did crafts, it'd have to be outside on the deck, hehe. That said, I did let J help with cookies over the weekend. And even though it was messy, I loved how into it he was and how little I had to do ;). It was like a mini break for me. As for painting, yea, that's an outside activity too. Cute egg carton bugs though!

    1. I wish we could do messy projects in our screen-in porch, but then we would get eaten alive by the mosquitoes. I will probably do more projects outside in the fall, though.

  3. Oh I love the bubble painting! What a great and fun idea.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. Nice to catch up on you and your kids' activities! Love the bubble crafting idea.

    My kids, opposite, they love getting their hand dirty and messy! It's glitter all the time over here!

  5. This is all beyond me. Let me know when the kids can sit down to enjoy a movie or video game, then we can have some fun. Until then, I'll make do with their little efforts to shoot Little Tikes basketball with me.


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