I am love, love, loving

my new PT schedule. I get to be with the kids for 4 days straight and, just when I crave for peace and quiet, I escape to work. And THEN just when my mind starts to wander off about the things I want to do with the kids, it's my 4-day weekend again. It's just peeeerfect for me. I don't ever want this to end.

I took the kids to Clemenjontri (aka the rainbow park) and it was great! They both went down the longest slide. Over and over. Believe it or not, in my 20.5 months of being a Mama of 2, this was the first time I took both kids to a park on my own. Shocking, I know. It was hard, keeping track of 2 kids at a big playground, but we went early so at least the crowd was light. I found myself telling Anna to keep an eye on Will and don't let him get hurt. Hmm...I think she did for a while, but then ran off. Some moms are pros at handling kids outside of home, but I am still learning to do it on my own. I will get better with practice.  But just for the record, we made it through without any tears today!
Yeah, they are kind of happy.
I asked Anna to take a picture of me and Will.

On our way out, we sat down for a snack and Anna said, "Having a picnic is so much fun!" Duly noted: I must arrange a real picnic soon.


  1. Anna takes good photos too! She takes after her mom!

    1. Thank you. I thought she did a great job too! She loves taking pictures and got very happy when I asked her.

  2. It is a totally different game when it comes to dealing with kids outside. I think it gets easier once they are about 3 closer to 4 since they are more aware of danger and will actually listen a little better. Before this year, I never really took all 4 kids out by myself but now that the 3 older ones are almost 4 and 5, I have been more brave and venture out. Yes, practice makes perfect =) ~Zi

    1. Man, if I had 4 kids, I would never leave the house. You are a great mom. :)

  3. So this is what goes on while I'm slaving away trying to bring home some bacon...life is so unfair!


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