Teacher's Appreciation Gifts


I have been really happy with Anna’s preschool teachers. They are wonderful and patient and tried everything to help Anna adjust to school. When she was going through her I-hate-school-and-I-am-going-to-cry-about-it phase, we exchanged ideas and schemed up plans - daily! - to help her. They were really really dedicated.

I have grown to love them and will miss their presence in her life (and mine). So at the end of school year, I wanted to show a bit of thanks and gratitude. This idea is all over Pinterest, but I personalized it to make our own.

I bought these cups from Amazon, and inside I included an Amazon gift card ($25), a few packets of mango peach tea mix, and a drawing from Anna with a note from me. It was easy and Anna helped assemble everything. She was so excited and kept asking when we could give them to the teachers. Well, she finally did this morning.  I wasn’t there to see it, but I could just picture her happy face as she presented them to her teachers.

Note: The egg carton caterpillar in the middle is not part of the gift. Anna just insisted it on being there.

Today is the last day of school so I am skipping out during lunch to pick her up and say goodbye to the teachers. *sniff sniff* I am feeling a bit sentimental.


  1. What a great gift! I like how you "made it your own"... oh I think the caterpillar adds a nice touch to the photo hehe. Very cute! Today's our last day of school too. Enjoy your lunch break :) - Eva

  2. Yea, goodbyes are hard, especially if they've helped ya a lot in the past year. Hope they like their gifts. Hehe on Anna insisting the caterpillar be in the photo!

    1. Hi Lisa, I am hoping that Will will get them as teachers when he starts preschool...

  3. :)

    I bet the teachers thought this was really nice and felt rewarded in the best way.


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