School Is Out!

Six months ago, this was Anna...on her very first day of school.
Here she is now.
On the outside, it's hard to tell just how much she has grown because she was wearing a bulky coat in one and a sleeveless shirt in another.  But I can tell you this - despite of a rough start AND middle...Anna finished off her first year of school with a bang.  She has learned to socialize with other kids and made friends.  Most importantly, though, she now separates (fairly) easy.  No tears.  She has really come to LIKE school and I can't wait for her to return this September.
Last Tuesday the school invited the parents to the classroom for a little performance.  It made me laugh to see her participate in such delight.  She's my little star.

These are the two troopers who put up with her this year.  :)  As one said, Anna was her "toughest case yet" and she has been teaching for years.  I bet when they met Anna on the first day of school, they had no idea this girl "would work them so hard."  Haha, I am just grateful that they never gave up.
And with that, school is out. Summer starts. We are off to the beach!


  1. Starting school brought along a lot of fears, such as bullies, crappy teachers, and getting sick every week. But one thing I did not anticipate was my very own little daughter being a problem child. But man, Anna can be a pain in the rear sometimes but she really turned it on for the first few months of school. Just glad she didn't get kicked out and was given a chance. Let's just hope we don't have to start from scratch come fall...

    1. I know, my biggest worry was her getting sick. Yeah, she did get sick more than usual, but at the end, she actually only missed 1 day of school (not counting the two weeks in Hawaii). I NEVER expected that it would take her so long to be okay with school.

  2. Congrats to Anna on a successful year! That video is so cute... there is nothing sweeter than the sound of children singing. It is amazing how much these little ones can change over the course of a year. Cheers to summer, and I hope you all had a great time at the beach! :)

  3. Love the comparison photos of the start and end of school! I can tell she grew :). I can't believe Anna was such a hard case but sooo glad by the end, she came to love it and is excited about the fall. A good load off your shoulders too. Have fun at the beach!

    1. I never in a hundred years thought my kid would be the "problem" child. Fingers crossed for the fall!


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