Our 4-day trip to Myrtle Beach was,

in one word, exhausting. I mean, we had fun and all, but after the 8-hour drive back home on Tuesday, I declared to the family that we are never leaving the house again.

When we went to Hawaii, it was for my brother’s wedding. The reason why we went on another trip so soon was because back at the end of 2012, hubs got a call from Hilton Vacation Club. Long story short, he was promised a bunch of points and a $200 voucher if he went to a timeshare presentation* in Myrtle Beach. So we packed up the family and made a little getaway out of it. And a great getaway it was. This picture sums it all up.

But in the end, I think we are done with going on trips this summer. Between Hawaii and Myrtle Beach, the kids have clocked in FORTY hours of being confined in a seat….in the span of ONE month! If the rest of the summer includes local parks, Watermine, library, splashing, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, playdates, and museums, I will be a happy Mama.

Anyway, I still have to go through the hundreds of pictures I took while at MB so I will share them later.

On another note, I am super excited about this learning tower that hubs’ dad built for the kids. Once upon a time, I printed out this picture and sent it home with hubs’ mom and – poof! – this showed up on our doorstep. So far, the kiddos both seem to like it and Anna is proud that she can help.learningtower
* We didn't buy. 


  1. Looking at their faces in the pool - the ride didn't tire them out too much!


  2. In reality, the kids made in through the ride without much trouble. It was the parents that got worn out. Seriously, there's only so many times one can pickup a dropped bear before you want to hurl it out the friggin window. But at least we finally got to see what this Myrtle Beach place was all about. Now onto the next vacation, wherever and whenever that may be...

    1. Yes, I was all fine and having a good time at Myrtle Beach, but the drive really worn me out. Next time I will drive, you pick up the bears.

  3. Yea, 8 hrs is DEFINITELY tiring for the parents. Even just a 2.5 hr drive to Philly for a weekend wears me out!!! Glad the kids had fun in the pool and that learning tower is awesome. My J would LOVE that espec since he always wants to see but the stool is too low. Plus, this looks safer.


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