MB: Odds & Ends

Here are some odds & ends to wrap up my Myrtle Beach recap.

We stayed at Myrtle Beach for 4 days and found it was the perfect length of time. We didn’t feel rushed, yet we did everything we wanted to do. Any longer and we might have gotten antsy, since our kids are still very young to participate in many of the area attractions. Although I am sure they would have been happy with going to the pool every day, it’s always nice to get back to the regular day-to-day routine.
The beach gets a lot busier than this!
Myrtle Beach Boardwalk
Sand dunes along the boardwalk
2nd Ave Pier...staying way past the kids' bedtime.

Whenever we are away from home, the kids sleep less and eat poorly. On this trip, we pretty much threw all sleep schedules out of the window and the kids stayed up until past 10pm every day. That was especially tough on the them, especially since they still woke up at the same time they do at home. No wonder Anna constantly whined that she was tired and Will always fell asleep easily in the car.
They have gotten used to sharing a bed.

It was great not having to cook during the 4 days and having unlimited treats, but by the end, we were all craving for a home-cooked meal.
Ice cream...one of the five major food groups when on vacations.
Oh yes, you bet we ate all that (Krispy Kreme) donuts on the same day.

We were so lucky with the weather and got beautiful, sunny days while we were there. The day that it started to get gloomy and cloudy was the day we left. For the first half of the trip, we had a one-room efficiency and, while it wasn’t the ideal, we made it work by going to sleep at the same time. What was worse was actually the room -- it was really old and just kind of dirty. The only thing we loved was the ocean view and the convenience to the beach. On the second half, our two-bedroom suite was much cleaner and that just made everything a lot more enjoyable.
With that, I think I covered everything about our trip...hope you enjoyed reading them! Where are you traveling to this summer?


  1. That photo of them sleeping in the same bed is so cute! I hope mine will do that someday. We're leaving for another trip to MN tomorrow to visit family and I am expecting the "sleep less, eat poorly" as well. :/ but it should be fun.

  2. That's the thing with vacations "routines" go out the window. I love getting a break from cooking hehe, but there's nothing like a home cooked meal :)
    Seeing all those pics makes me want to go back to the beach again! We'll probably just stick to day trips for now and maybe to trip to NY. - Eva

    1. Us too, days trips around the DC area and then maybe a long weekend to Williamsburg.

  3. A box of Krispy Kremes would be a complete vacation for me!


  4. I love these early evening photos of Myrtle. I miss living down south.

  5. Umm yeah, these back-to-back vacations have not been good for my belly or my man boobs...

  6. Totally agree that sleep schedules are out the window on vacation! We stayed up til 10 or 11 pm too! Luckily though, our son slept til 8:30am but that was before potty training. Now, he has to get up once in the middle of the night and wants to start his day 6:30 am instead. Oh well!

    1. Ha! Still better than mine. Mine kids wake up at 6!

  7. Yes, the sleep and diet routines are hard to keep up during vacations. We've actually found that it's been easier to travel with the girls since they no longer take afternoon naps and are able to stay up later because it gives up more flexibility when it comes to scheduling activities. That ice cream sundae looks so yummy! The girls and I have been splurging on cool sweet treats this week, and we aren't even on vacation! :D Have a wonderful weekend!


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