MB: Family Kingdom & Broadway at the Beach

Besides bumming around at the pool and the beach, there were two other fun places we went to at Myrtle Beach. I will start my recap with them.

Anna has always been curious about Ferris wheels. I think she read about it in one of the Dora books. When I found out that there was one at this place called Family Kingdom Amusement Park at Myrtle Beach, I told hubs that we were going.

So, one afternoon after a good nap for all, off we went. We brought 25 tickets at the entrance and made a beeline to the big Ferris wheel, visible from far away. When we got to the beginning of the line, the man took one look at the kids and flatly informed us that they weren’t tall enough to ride. I guess we didn’t read the signs….oops! The good news was that there was a miniature size Ferris wheel in the kiddie area and the kids still had a jolly good time riding on probably the world’s smallest Ferris wheel. Hehe.
After that, they just went on other rides that go round and round. We tried to pick the ones that Will could go on too, but there were some with a minimum of 36” height restriction so Anna had ride by her lonesome. She was most comfortable with rides that stayed on the ground. Any flying ones were scary to her. Will was happy with whatever we put him on.

I suggest Family Kingdom for families with little kids. Sure, it's no Disney World and the employees look bored by the whole thing, but my kids had a fantastic time.

The other fun place we went to was Broadway at the Beach and we ended up going there 3 times. It was a huge, lively place to walk around and browse specialty shops. For kids, there were carnival rides, a playground, and a spray ground.
I wish they played at the spray ground more, but Will had an incident (he was playing right in the middle of the ground when the water was off and it suddenly came on) that freaked him out and we couldn’t convince him to give it a second chance.  Either way, I give Broadway at the Beach 5 stars...definitely one of my favorites at Myrtle.


  1. All things considered, these two little tourist traps were not so bad. So long as you don't compare them to Disney World or Busch Gardens or even the somewhat crappy King's Dominion, they provided nice little distractions from the pool and the beach. Boardwalk is definitely my preferred pick of the two. Having said that, I can't imagine ourselves ever heading back down to MB anytime in the near or distant future, so it was good that we could visit them while we were down there.

    1. Well, like i said, I like Myrtle more than OBX. But you are right, until the kids are older, we are not doing any more 8-hour trips again.

  2. I'm surprised they wouldn't let the kids on the big ferris wheel WITH you. We went to the Montco Agric Fair last year, and lil J was allowed on...It's cute to see Anna riding with Will, like she's taking care of him. So sweet! And your hubs on the Frog Hopper with the other 6 kids is HILARIOUS. Is that middle seat made for a parent? All of the other parents entrusted their child to your hubs ;). Both of these places sound super fun and if we ever go to Myrtle Beach, will definitely put this on our to-do list!

    1. Hi Lisa! Yup, the middle seat was made for an adult. I think all the other kids made the minimum height requirement to ride without a parent and only mine had to be accompanied by one. Haha. Will looked so tiny in it. Anna was actually scared, but she still laughed when she heard the other kids laughing.

      As for the Ferris wheel, maybe the one you went on was enclosed? This one was open-air so more risky? I was bummed.

      There was another big Ferris wheel called SkyWheel right next to the beach that was enclosed so children of any age could go on, but it was $13pp so we passed.

      I think MB is a great destination for us Easter Coasters!

    2. $13/ppl, ridiculous! MB -- on my list :D!

  3. Looks like your "other child" (your hubby) had a great time too! He certain enjoys seeing his kids laugh and smile!

  4. I have never been to Myrtle Beach I have always wanted to go. I had friends who use to go all the time. You look like you had a great time.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken


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