Will - 18.5 months update

Since gotten back from Hawaii, I haven't been good at taking pictures. All these pictures/video were taken while on vacation, which was when Will actually turned 18 months.
Will is already 18.5 months so I am super late with this month’s update, but I didn’t want to let his BIG 18 MONTH go by without some kind of documentation. So here a short update on the little guy and I will do a longer update in another two weeks.

First things first, Will is 50 percentile in height and a whopping 95 percentile in weight. But even with that, it’s evident that he’s thinning out. Maybe it is because he didn’t eat as well on our long vacation or maybe he’s just reaching that stage. One thing I know for sure, I am going to miss my chunky monkey so much.

Will says a handful of words, but repeats a lot after us. My favorite word he says is “mama” – he doesn’t say it all that often, but it is the best when he runs to me and shouts “mama!” after a long day at work. He’s an affectionate guy and doesn’t mind my hugs, kisses, and squeezes. Hubs has been teaching Will letters and so far he knows A thru G. He knows the sound to a lot of other letters, though. He has no idea what numbers are. He’s very good at matching.
Will tried swimming for the first time in his life this month. And he loved it! He was hesitant first, and CLINGED to me, but it didn’t take him a long to get comfortable. I think this says a lot about his personality. He’s quick to adjust. He loves to be around people and isn’t afraid to join in, but that’s not to say that he doesn’t prefer his family over anything else. He loves to smile and saying hi. He laughs easily.
Now that Will understand that he can sort-of communicate, he’s more opinionated and demanding. And he throws a mean tantrum when we take things away. Like, the Kindle. Every morning, he gets some Kindle time and he kicks and screams when we take away. I give him plenty of warning and says “all done,” but I guess he doesn’t get that yet. Also, water. He can be happily eating his dinner and sees Anna drinking water. Then he will demand water and unless he gets his water, he won’t take another bite. He has other quirks. He doesn’t want the food that he has no intention to eat on his tray. He will hand it back to me, one by one. Funny, but annoying.

I am looking forward to this summer. Last summer Will was still so little that he couldn’t participate (or understand) in anything that we did. Now that he can run, he’s going to have so much fun wherever we go.

Will is becoming a little boy right before my very eyes. His big personality just kills me, and I so wish I could just put my fingers together and freeze time. I overheard a conversation the other day between coworkers about their grown (20-something) children and, after hearing that, I just wish I could keep my kids little forever.


  1. Adorable that his little personality is coming out! I remember loving 18 months and on too. Just so much learning they are doing in terms of recognizing their surroundings. Love that he loves water!

  2. Yeah, he's definitely at that stage where he's about to turn into a full fledged toddler. Until then, his mouth is still missing some teeth, he babbles a lot, and his knees are constantly scabbed over. Anna is starting to have more fun with him as well, even though there are fights now and then. All in all, it's good to just see our little kids grow.


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