Hawaii : Day 8 + 9 (Mother's Day)

Day 8 was a transition day for us...we said goodbye to family members (who were all leaving to go home or another island) and moved to a new resort further up north. Our new home has two bedrooms and a full kitchen (the Marriott only had a microwave and mini-fridge), which is great for us with little ones. Instead of going out for a meal that costs a minimum of $50 (and kids eating two bites of it), we bought a bunch of groceries and having been cooking at home.
The first and last hammock ride before checking out at the Marriott.  
At first, I thought having a 2 bedroom was a total luxury, but it is actually a necessity.  
$77 worth of groceries.  Bet I could have gotten the same things for a third of the price back home.
It was a happy accident for us to get a ground level room, the screen door opens completely and we have our own patio and garden.

The next day was Mother's Day. Happy belated Mother's Day to all the mothers in my life! We had a really low-key Mother's Day at the resort, just spending time as a family by the pool & beach. These past few days have been difficult.  Hubs and I are getting NO relaxation on this vacation. Everything is work.  For example, taking them to the pool. It's a whole production of wrangling the kids into bathing suits, putting on shoes, getting stuff (water/snack/towel) packed, keeping a close watch on them at the pool, dealing with meltdowns, and then cleaning them when we get back. Oh, and breaking up fights through it all.  It's exhausting.

On the other hand, when they are not fighting, Anna and Will play really well together and their squeals of laughter make our hearts so full. It reminds me that being a Mom is pretty darn good!
Thanks kids for making me a Mama - I love you guys!
Prior to this trip, neither of them had spent much time in the water.  In fact, Will had none.  It makes me happy that both have become little swimmers.
Will refused to get off of me.
Their first sand castle. I thought it was quite magnificent.


  1. Happy Mama's Day dear, I know it was far from ideal, but we're all still figuring this family vacation thing out. They days of globe trotting around with just the two of us are gone for good. But I think we're slowly getting the hang of it.

    The new pad is really nice even though it is on the spendy side. Then again, everything on this island is on the spendy side. But if we can just stop thinking about the benjamins for a bit and the little family fights, this has been a great bonding time for the four of us. Pretty soon, the kids won't even want to be seen in public with us, much less vacation with us. Might as well enjoy it while we can...

    1. I don't think about the money at all, actually. We are still under $3000 at this point, so it is all fine by me. I had a great Mama's Day with the family!

  2. Happy belated Mother's Day!! Glad you got to stay in a 2 bedroom. Totally a necessity for a long trip with kids!


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