Hawaii : Day 7 (Wedding Day)

I don't know what's up with Will lately, but he has been a total Mama's boy. I am the one who has to hold him and feed him, and if I don't, a complete meltdown follows. This phase needs to be over, like, now.

My brother's wedding was this past Friday. Will was in one of his Mama-only mood and he was stuck to me the whole night. I scarfed down my steak and potatoes at record speed while he sat on my lap and poked the lettuce with a fork. Oh, and he's also on a hunger strike and only had maraschino cherries and croutons.

The wedding...it was nice, sweet, and simple. I will admit it, when my brother first told me about his wedding in Maui, although there wasn't a doubt that I would be there, I was annoyed. Dragging two kids on a 10+ hour flight with a 6-hour time difference? It sounded no fun. But now it is over, it was definitely worth all the trouble to be there for him.
His life was apparently ending when I had to put him down to get dressed.
Having a great time at the beach.
One of the few moments where he was okay with being held by hubs.
The reception was held under a tent by the beach!
I am usually not a messy eater and my hand isn't that chubby.
Pretty much the entire night was like this.
I wore my new maxi dress from Anthropologie!
At the end of the night, my cousin finally won him over.

Oh yeah, what's a wedding without the bride and groom?
The groom, my brother, Uncle Andy.
Exchanging rings. 


  1. I wish your brother much happiness and a life full of love!!

  2. Yeah, nice and simple wedding. Other than being on an island that sells regular 1.5 qt ice cream at $8 friggin dollars and hotels cost about $400 a nite, this could've been a bargain getaway! But the kids made the trip out to see their Uncle Andy do the deed. Sure, this meant absolutely nothing to them, but we'll have pictures for them to look at in the future.

    But best of all, we (the four of us) have been spending quality time together as a little family unit. Time we don't ever spend together at home. Sure, there's a crapload of yelling and tears, but isn't that what families do? Or are we just dysfunctional?

  3. Glad it was worth the long trip afterall! I'm sorry about the clingy phase with your boy. I've been there. Congrats to your bro! Beautiful wedding.


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