Hawaii : Day 6 (Iao Valley State Park)

On Day 6, we took a 45-minute scenic drive to Iao Valley State Park. Hubs and I have been there before on our honeymoon and I remember it being one of my favorite places in Maui. It was serene, lush with greenery, and mystic....so we decided to take the kids there. Forget the mountains and the streams and the natural beauty, they had the most fun playing with some rocks inside a little hut. Haha, it was all good, I was just happy they found something to entertain themselves.

On the way back, we stopped by Lahaina town to have the famous Ululani's shave ice. It doesn't hold a candle to Sno Dream, but it was just what I needed on a hot day to cool off. Then we just had to stop by Pho Saigon 808 again to get some noodles to-go.

Will had already napped in the car so we delayed Anna's nap time and went straight to the pool once we got back to the resort. The kids are getting more and more comfortable in the water. Anna doesn't even need the donut ring anymore and can get by with arm bends. She's fast, too.

We wrapped up the day with watching the sunset on the beach.
Here is a tip.  We bought these car seats at Kmart for $50 each.  It's cheaper than renting them from the car rental, not to mention cleaner.  We will try to take them back home.  
We came to the park to see this, the Iao Needle.
Carrying these two around is giving all of us a workout.    
Yup, I make them wear matching shirts.  I am THAT mom.
Under the little hut where they threw rocks.
I am sure we will be back to Maui some day and it will be fun to do a comparison picture at the same spot.
Shaved ice with mochi!  
Just lounging.  Living the good life.
The end of Day 6.


  1. Without a doubt, the best day of the past week for me. When we last came out this way 5 years ago, Maui was my least favorite island. Too manicured for my taste compared to Kauai and not enough civilization compared to Oahu. Just a lot of resorts and the Road to Hana (which itself is great except for all the other damn tourists sharing the roads with you). So getting out of our little compound to visit Iao early in the morning was great, even if we did have to haul the two little ones everyhwere.

  2. Good tip to buy the car seats when you arrive, especially if it's cheaper than renting from the car service. Looks like a fun relaxing day!


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