Hawaii : Day 5 (Lahaina Town)

If it wasn't for my brother's wedding, Hawaii is probably one of the last places I would think to take my young children. I mean, we are spending a small fortune to be here, yet we haven't had a perfectly good day, without tantrums and whines. Seriously? I would rather just stay home. Or vacation somewhere closer and less costly. But. My brother is getting married and it's my duty as his sister to be here.

Yesterday morning we played in the sand before heading to Front Street for some shopping and lunch. The kids had a ball running under the bayan trees. We stayed there for a while because the trees provided shade from the hot sun and I love watching my kids laugh and run. Then we had the best meal since we have been here at Pho Saigon 808. The service was good and the food was even better.
About 10 minutes after I instagram-ed this picture, Anna was in tears and we left.
Will still doesn't like the beach all that much.  He cries and whines and demands to be held.
They ran back and forth under this arch. It's the little things that make their hearts sing.
Hubs and the kids at the Lahaina waterfront.
A group shot!
I love my boy and he cracks me up. He was overdue for a nap and he finally couldn't fight it anymore while eating noodles.  I wasn't laughing when I had to carry all 29 pounds of him to the car, though.
Will -- Day 5 in Hawaii.  Happy & swimming like a fish!


  1. LOL - that snoozing Will photo is a gem!

    I hope the kids settle down and enjoy - this trip should be one of their early memories!

  2. Traveling with young kids is hard. We took a trip to Malaysia ( to visit family) and it was rough but had our fun moments too. Enjoy your time in Hawaii!- Eva

  3. This was a touristy day, downtown Lahaina something to take in small doses. But the kids had fun and we had a good meal. Back at the pool, we discovered that we had two donut swimmers when Will took off like a windup toy. You know the ones where you wind up the knob and the feet/flippers just flap back and forth? Imagine a chubby little baby boy doing the same thing and that was our pride and joy!

  4. Aw, how cute is Will asleep, his head backwards! Yea, carrying a 30lb kid back to the car ain't fun at all.


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