Hawaii : Day 3 + Day 4

Isn't it a bummer when it rains on a vacation? Especially on a beach vacation? Yesterday it looked pretty much like this on and off the whole day:
Since we are here for my brother's wedding, my whole family is actually here in Maui.  We are all staying at the same place (connecting rooms), which makes getting together easier.  
Anna made a paper lei for Grandpa at a resort activity for kids.
The rain stopped just in time for our evening BBQ with my brother's future wife's family.  The kids ran around at the playground.

Today, the clouds parted and the sun came out. We wasted no time in hitting the pool.
Will is still afraid of the water, but he loves the shallow pool.
Anna tried out the donut ring pool for the first time and learned how to do it all on her own immediately!  She kicks and gets around!
Will and I stayed at the sideline.

Adjusting to the 6 hour time difference has been hard for all of us.  So we have been taking it easy. Just relaxing by the pool....and it's totally fine by me. But tonight we are going to a luau! I am excited. It will be my first.


  1. Wow, looks like you are all having a great time! That resort looks amazing. We are hoping to take a trip to Maui sometime in the next year or two. For the meantime, we are sticking with road trips and short plane flights. :)

    1. Road trips and short plane flights = very good idea. We are going to do that from now on too.

  2. I never thought how funny it would be to see Anna kicking around the pool. It was as if she had learned to walk all over again. Too bad we don't have a pool in our own backyard...

  3. I hope your weather has taken a turn for the better and you are enjoying some warm sunny-shine!

    1. Nothing but sunny days for the last couple of days. Now it's too hot. :) Okay, I will stop complaining.


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