Hawaii : Day 12 (Whale Watching)

A long time ago, I blogged about a snorkeling excursion in Belize and said that it was the worst excursion ever. Ha, I take that back. I actually found something to top that. Ohmigod, the whale watching excursion we went on in Maui on Day 12, it was an absolute torture for the kids…and therefore, by default, me.

It was fine in the beginning, we picked a spot right on the deck with a great view.  The kids were excited about being on a boat. Their first! They laughed, screamed, clapped, and even danced. We were all in a great mood and ready to see some whales!

Twenty minutes later, with no whales in sight and sweaty from the hot sun, we went under the cover to cool off. This was when Will started to get fussy, really fussy. At first I thought it was because he wanted to be out on the deck so I took him back out, but that didn’t help. For the next half hour, it was a dance of me sitting down, getting up, walking around until he finally fell asleep in my arms. I thought he was just due for a nap (even though he had just cat-napped in the car on the way to the pier), but later realized that he was suffering from motion sickness. Luckily, one he fell asleep, he slept for the rest of the trip.

And he didn’t miss much. We didn’t see any whales.

As for Anna, she got sea sick, too. I could tell by her tired face. Hubs held her and she fell asleep as well, but she was so good and didn’t complain at all.

I guess it could’ve been worse. One kid (a young teenager?) threw up all over the table. At least mine just slept. But it was seriously the longest two-hour ever. When Will began to go crazy, I wish I could just turn the boat around. Screw the whales! Get me off the frickin’ boat!

Haha, now that I wrote it all out, it didn’t seem THAT bad. With little kids, you just kind of have to go with the flow and laugh about it. Really, the guaranteed fun for them was just spending time in the pool or at the beach, but this Mama wanted to do more. I seriously did think they would enjoy it, though. Never expected that they would get sick.

Once we got off the boat, they were happy once again. Even more so after we downed a mango smoothie.
The fun before the storm.
Both kids out. Haha, look at my happy face. Hubs' face was for real, though. He took it all in stride.
Blue ocean, blue sky, gorgeous day. But WHERE ARE THE WHALES?!IMG_2050
We drank that smoothie fast.
Dancing under the bayan trees.
We knew that the kids were done with their naps for the day, so we shopped a little.
And took a picture for a comparion. What do you think? I haven't aged a bit, right? :) Excuse my funny eyes, though, I was squinting from the bright sun.


  1. The water looks beautiful - shame the kids got sea sick and there weren't any whales about.

    And no.. you've not aged a bit!

    1. Yeah, it WAS the end of the whale season, though. Oh well.

  2. I'm still not 100% WTH happened that day on the boat, it started off so peacefully. But the sea sick theory works for me since everyone pretty much wanted off the boat after 30 minutes. The problem was, the trip was 2 hours! Even if we did see whales, anyone would've cared.

    But yes, that second trip to the ice-cream shop resulted in a new record for mango smoothie consumption.


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