Hawaii : Day 11 (Baby Beach)

Home sweet home! We are back from Hawaii. After a smooth-but-uncomfortable 9-hour plane ride, we landed on Friday around noon. We are still recovering from jet lag, but it seems easier to adjust back to EST. I return to work tomorrow....for real. While in Hawaii, I received an email from my boss that I've been placed on a project. So, tomorrow, I actually have to get myself dressed and butt out of the door. It's going to be an adjustment, after having a month and half off.  I wish I had another week to get myself organized after a long vacation, but I guess it's better to keep the paychecks coming! 

I knew about Baby Beach all along, but it took us until Day 11 to visit the place. I only wish we had gone sooner. It was truly a safe haven for the kids. Unlike other beaches with big waves, Baby Beach has coral reefs that blocked the waves, creating a shallow little kid-friendly spot for splashing around.

Anna and Will entertained themselves with the buckets and shovels that we brought, or just simply waddle in the water. Because the water was calm and we didn't have to worry about any waves, hubs and I were able to sit on our blankets in the shade and enjoyed ourselves, too. We only left because it was close to lunch and nap time.
Proof that the kids had fun.
You could walk all the way out and it was only about waist deep.  Can you spot me?  
The best toy of all is hubs.  He army crawled on his tummy and totally made them laugh.
jodo mission
Before we left the Baby Beach area, we took some pictures at Jodo Mission, which we just happened to came across when we parked our car.
That night we went to town of Lahaina for dinner.  Will was claiming independence and didn't want to hold our hands. 
They had the most fun sticking their heads through the fence and watching the waves crashing into the rocks.
Eating ice cream while watching sunset by the waterfront -- life doesn't get much better.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of me and my girl.

Day 11 was hands down one of the best days we had in Maui.


  1. Strange how this day turned out so great after the crappy start in the morning. But from when we hit the Baby Beach until we downed the last ice-cream cone, the day was great and peaceful and relaxing. Kinda wish I could bottle those moments and keep them on a shelf for a rainy day...

  2. Welcome home!

    I love that beach! I want to go for a ...swim? belly crawl?


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