Hawaii : Day 10 (Road to Hana)

We weren't planning on driving the Road to Hana. Hubs and I have done it before, and while the view was beautiful along the coast, it was a long drive that we were sure that the kids would not enjoy. But on Day 10, I felt restless so we packed a picnic lunch, filled up the tank, and took off.

Sigh. The long Road to Hana was made longer by two screaming kids in the backseat. Anna and Will are usually very good in the car, so I wasn't expecting all the drama. But in the end, I am still glad we did it. It's just one of those things "you had to do" while in Maui.

We didn’t make nearly as many stops as the average Hana traveler might (hiking to waterfalls wasn’t so easy with the kids) but we did try to take in as much as possible from the road itself – like stopping at scenic lookouts.

Our final destination before turning back was the Waianapanapa State Park, home to the black sand beach. I don't think Anna ever had a worse-r time than she had at this beach. It started out fine, until she got splashed by some waves while inside a cave. Then it all went down hill -- she cried and screamed that the beach was "dirty, messy, and stinky" and refused to be put down. Will, on the other hand, LOVED the beach. He loved getting splashed by the waves and wanted to walk everywhere (even climbing the stairs) all on his own.

Anyway, the Road to Hana....we did not make any long-lasting memories here, but we survived. The kids both took a nap on the way back and when they woke up, they were happy and laughing and having a good time.
While the kids were asleep in the car, hubs and I sneaked out and climbed a little waterfall.
The exact same spot where we had a flat tire when we visited back in 07.
Inside a creepy cave.
The boys couldn't get enough of the black sand and hubs even wanted to go for a swim.  I stayed behind to calm a hysterical Anna.
The stunning view.
The sign says, "Do not go beyond this point," so he went beyond it.
Finally back at the resort and stretching his legs fins.
She forgot all about the traumatic time she had at the black sand beach.
Anna is getting really good at taking pictures!


  1. Oh my... Dad is full of civil disobedience!

    :) Most signs are so stupid anyway.

  2. Sorry Anna hates the beach! Doesn't help that you are surrounded by them :(. Glad the end of the day turned out great though.

    1. Hi Lisa, luckily it was just the black sand beach that she didn't like! Or else it would had been a horrible vacation for her.

  3. Easily the longest day of our little holiday on the island. On the plus side, whipping a minivan around Hana Highway was a blast! And yes, Will loved that park. Normally, he's always tugging at our shorts to be picked up, but there...he kept leaning over and going limp so that I would put him down. Which wouldn't be so bad were it not for the cliffs and jagged rocks.


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