Will - 17 months update

Will turned 17 months old on Monday! He exhausts us with his seemingly boundless energy — but he is also so much more fun with each passing day. He is definitely his own little independent person with his own little opinions and preferences, but he still loves to snuggle with us.


Will is completely transitioned to one nap. His nap is generally 2.5 to 3 hours long. Ideally, he should go down for his nap at 12 noon, but because we want him to be on the same schedule as Anna, he sleeps at 1p. As long as we keep him busy, he's not fussy about it. So he naps from 1p to 3:30 - 4p. Pretty good! But what's more great is that even if he doesn't wake up until 4p, we still put him to sleep around 7:20p at night. I don't know when he actually falls asleep, but he's cool about staying in his crib quietly. Hooray for a kid with good sleeping habits!
But on this particular day, he woke up unusually early so I brought him to bed with us and he fell right back to sleep.


OK, I will admit here that eating is not going as well as it used to be. He used to eat and eat and eat. But now he self-feeds a little bit and says done. If he really only had a little bit, I will coax him to eat more by distracting him with toys while I shove food into his mouth. He's still getting bottles of milk, but doesn't drink as much as he did.

Just like me, he prefers salty foods over sweets!

He's still a chunky little monkey, so I am not concerned at all. I think he's probably about 28 pounds.


As I said it again and again, Will has a very good temper. He tolerates his sister's grabbing, pulling, and pushing. He doesn't get easily frustrated when playing with toys. And he doesn't whine or cry unless there is a very good reason. He's a very good boy.
He's really loving Pesto.

Apparently, this book was sooooo funny!


Verbally, Will is definitely not as far ahead as Anna when she was his age, but he has surprised me every now and then with words. He can say "Pesto" perfectly. He says, "go" when he wants to ride with us to preschool. I think he knows some body parts - like eyes, nose, ear, fingers. I haven't even begin trying to teach him numbers, colors, or shapes, though.

He's also getting much better at communicating and understanding commands overall. If he's hungry, he will go to his booster seat, pulls off the tray, and tries to climb up. When hubs squeezes soap onto the sponge, he knows to stand up for his lather. He throws away trash.
Things I want to remember:
- His wobbly run.
- His kissable tummy.
- His dance by stomping his feet up and down.
- Our nightly dance to "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" before bed.
- That he scoots himself back slowly to sit down on our front stoop.
- And a lot more, but I just can't remember right now. :(


  1. He is so precious - and so photogenic!

  2. A GOOD sleeper indeed!!!! I also found that during this age, my boy just didn't find food that interesting anymore. He goes through cycles though, as I'm sure Anna did. Sometimes they like to eat, other times they don't. Like you said, as long as their weight is ok, no problemo. Hope you can remember to write more cute things down about him! I remember trying to do that with J, and it fizzled out after the first year. AH!

  3. Either time is flying by or my old brain is just not what it used to be. Even now, I can't remember what Will was like during the first few months of his early little life. It's all just blurring together now, so glad we have these little posts to remind us of these moments...


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