rainbow park fun

It seems like whenever there is a nice day, people (with kids) flock to Clemenjontri. It's such a great little (except that it's actually pretty big) park for the kids to run around....and we almost always cap off the trip with a spin around the carousel. It's a guaranteed good time. I love that it's an easy trip -- we go early in the morning and back in time for lunch & nap. No need to spend any money at all.

These pictures are from Saturday. It was Will's first time there since he could walk. He soaked it all up. Running everywhere. Look at him on that balance beam! I was so surprised that he didn't fall. He also went down a few slides, but we might have gave him a nudge or two there. I adore his wide open smile on the carousel. He's definitely his sister's brother.

And Anna...I don't know if it is because she's just older now or because she's more socialized due to preschool, but she had no trouble joining other kids in on the fun. She's no longer that girl who is glued to my hips.

Overall, a good time for all. Anna has already asked to go back twice.
This post reminds me of this one. You must click here to find the similarities.


  1. Holy crap, looking at this post and the other one linked to towards the end really hits home how fast time flies. Seeing Will as a little blob on horseback and then seeing him as a little blob with legs is just too much. Pretty soon, this will all be over and no more stubby little kids will ever be found in our little house again...

  2. I love that photo of Anna on the "electric blue" slide!! So vivid! So full of excitement and glee!

  3. Aw, how your little boy has grown!! What a great park (I think I've seen a google map of it. It's HUGE). When the weather is nice, Germantowners flock to South Germantown Park, or castle park as it is often referred. My son loves running around too. Not joining-in on others' fun yet. He knows he's just a bit too little.

    1. Thanks for the tip - will have to check it out sometime!


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