Look at our herb garden!

The off-and-on drizzle these past few days have been just what our little garden needed. The basil plants are especially thriving and I can't wait until they are big and full. If you haven't tried growing green onion, you should really do it. They practically take care of themselves. And for the first time, we are attempting to grow jalapeno and habenrio peppers.

Ah, our garden puts a smile on my face. Thanks to hubs I never have to get dirty either.


  1. Yay for gardening husbands! :D My husband grows herbs during the summer too and it's great! Fresh basil is great for making pesto. Hope your week is off to a nice start! :)

  2. Good work! Looks lovely! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com

  3. Your herb garden looks great! I'm going to start planting a few fruits and veggies this summer. I'll have to try the green onions, especially if they are easy to care for. -Eva

  4. I'm so jealous! Was it hard? Did you start with seeds or full grown plants? Where did you buy them? I ask b/c I really want one!

    1. Hi Lisa! The rosemary and thyme were from the previous house owner. The green onions are easy, just stick the white/root part into the ground. The cilantro was from seeds. The basil plants we got from Home Depot. I think you just need to know how to harvest so the they grow full. Fortunately, my MIL takes care of that for me. :) I really don't know much. haha.

  5. By the time we get back, this little herb garden of ours is going to turn into a maple nursery. Right now, there are a gajillion helicopter seeds making their landing on our fertile grounds. Next post will be about a lot of weeding, and weeding, and more weeding...


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