Family Pictures, 3/2012

Hare are some pictures from our latest visit to Meadowlark Gardens. If you are a regular to the blog, you know we go there whenever we can. Gotta get our annual pass worth. :)

Five things to note:

1. We didn't bring a stroller inside with us. Will walked with us like a big boy and he loved the freedom.
2. Along the same line, I didn't carry a diaper bag. Loved that, too.
3. Unfortunately, we didn't see any pink. No cherry trees were in bloom.
4. Anna and her Poohsticks -- it will never get old. She asked to throw sticks whenever we came across a bridge.
5. A little snack (raisins and crackers) break kept the kids in a happy mood.


  1. Can't believe we had such a pleasant day even when the weather wasn't ideal and the gardens were not in bloom. Just need to head back there in a few weeks with our shorts and flip-flops. Regardless, Will is really starting to keep his feet under him these days.


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